MS Antonia Graza, was a fictional ocean liner[3] for the Italian Line, home ported in Genoa, Italy, most famous for her appearance in the 2002 film Ghost Ship.


Amenities provided for her passengers ensured that they would enjoy unrivaled luxury during their stay at sea; when guests were not unwinding in their spacious staterooms, they could socialize in one of the stylish lounges, enjoy sports and relaxation atop the liner’s broad decks, or take a refreshing dip in the stately swimming pool. The centerpiece of the Antonia Graza was its opulent grand ballroom, where couples would dance the night away to the romantic strains of a live orchestra. Chefs labored night and day in the galley preparing superb Italian cuisine to be served in the ship’s elegant dining room, and attentive crew members were always available, eager to provide their guests with anything they should desire. It was truly the journey of a lifetime. 


Known for catering to the elite of Europe, the ship could carry 600 or more passengers, along with its 500-person Italian crew. The Graza couldn't compete for speed so it excelled in luxury, it was a floating masterpiece.

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The Antonia Graza was reported missing May 21, 1962, off the coast of Labrador, Canada. No alarm or announcement was ever given that the ship was in trouble. Trouble for the Graza begins when it assists the sinking vessel, SS Lorelei May 19, 1962. Only one survivor was pulled from the wreckage, but they did salvage many cases of unmarked gold bars. Madness ensued on deck when the Italian crew members divulged a plan to murder the guests and split the gold evenly. Some of the guests were poisoned, some where cut in half, and others shot, once the guests were dead the crew turned on each other. The ship drifted around until it was found by a tugboat in the Bering Strait. The ship, within the week prior had collided with Bowers Ridge peak which tore into the port collision bulkhead. Resulting with a breach in the hull about 10x20. All of the salvage crew disappeared aside from one person who survived the final sinking of the ship. In the film the MS Antonia Graza is based off the SS Andrea Doria which sunk off the coast of Nantucket.[4][5]


On its final voyage, the Antonia Graza had around 500 crew members on board, all Italian. Among the missing crew, included Italian cabaret singer Francesca who performed the night the vessel vanished.


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  • The Antonia Graza was insured by Lloyds of London.[6]
  • Some of the actors while in interviews stated the Antonia Graza is the sister ship of the Andrea Doria.


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