The Losers Club is a group of youthful outcasts and the main characters of the 2017 horror film, It, and its 2019 sequel, It: Chapter Two.




It (2017 film)

Throughout the summer, each of the kids encounter terrifying sights, including Mike's parents burning alive, a fountain of blood, a headless boy, a rotting man, a shade of Georgie, and a disfigured woman in a painting. 

They eventually discover that they are being terrorized by the same creature. Going to the Well House at 29 Neibolt Street, they are confronted by Pennywise, but manage to repel him. Afterwards, Eddie, Richie, Stan, Ben, and Mike defect, while Bill and Beverly are the only ones still willing to fight. 

When Beverly is kidnapped by Pennywise in August, the others reassemble to save her. Through courage and teamwork, they manage to defeat Pennywise, sending him into early hibernation. At the end of summer, the kids make a vow that if Pennywise comes back in twenty-seven years, they will return to Derry to destroy him for good. 

It: Chapter Two

After the events of the summer of 1989, the kids have grown up and moved to different cities: Bill has become a mystery novelist in Los Angeles, Beverly, Ben, and Eddie have found different jobs in New York (Beverly is a fashion designer, Ben has started his own architecture business, and Eddie works for a risk assessor firm), Richie has become a comedian in Chicago, Stan has become a partner for an Atlanta-based accounting firm, and Mike has become the town librarian in Derry. 

In 2016, a young gay male, Adrian Mellon, is thrown off a bridge by a group of teenagers and killed by Pennywise. Mike immediately informs Bill and the others about Pennywise's return. However, Stan, rather than come back to help them deal with the clown again, kills himself, leaving only Bill, Beverly, Eddie, Richie, Ben, and Mike to deal with It.

The gang meets for dinner at a Chinese restaurant, where they catch up on their lives, and Mike helps them to remember the events of 1989; due to being away from Derry for nearly thirty years, their memories of It have become hazy. Once they realize that Stan committed suicide, Richie and Eddie decide to skedaddle. At their hotel, Beverly explains that ever since she got caught in It’s Deadlights, she has been envisioning their deaths, with Mike adding that they were all affected by the Deadlights and that they will die too if they fail.


It (2017 film)

It: Chapter Two


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