Lorraine Nelson is a supporting character in Dolphin Tale and its sequel Dolphin Tale 2. She is Sawyer Nelson's hard-working mother.


Lorraine is a loving mother who wants her son Sawyer to have confidence so he can set a future for himself. She is also a dedicated nurse, and knows all about hospitals and what they are for, as shown when Hazel goes to her for advice. She is very understanding when it comes to troubling times, as shown when Sawyer isn't so confident due to his father abandoning him, and when he is uncertain about the SEA Semester because of his concern for Winter.

Physical Appearance


Dolphin Tale

Lorraine cares about Sawyer's well-being more than anything. She feels that Sawyer being in summer school is her fault, since he's lacking confidence since his father left. When Sawyer starts skipping summer school because of Winter, she isn't pleased about it, but is moved when she and Sawyer go to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and sees Winter for herself. As the days go by, she gets Sawyer a wet suit, and assists him in studying marine biology.

Dolphin Tale 2


Sawyer Nelson

Lorraine cares about Sawyer's future more than anything. After seeing Winter for herself, she feels that Sawyer already has a future set for himself. From then on, she does everything in her power to help him move forward.

Hazel Haskett

After first meeting Clay's daughter, Hazel, Lorraine gets on good terms with her. In turn, Hazel begins to view Lorraine as a surrogate mother, even asking her for advice at one point.



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