Looney Tunes Super Stars is a series of single-disc Looney Tunes cartoon-compilations. So far, the series has released all of the following compilations:

Cover Title Released Featured cartoons
Bugs Bunny: Hare Extraordinaire August 10, 2010 Note: The cartoons "Lumber Jack-Rabbit" to "False Hare" have all been cropped down to widescreen.
Daffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl

Note: The cartoons "Design for Leaving" to "Suppressed Duck" have been cropped down to widescreen.

Foghorn Leghorn & Friends: Barnyard Bigmouth November 30, 2010
Tweety & Sylvester: Feline Fwenzy
Bugs Bunny: Wascally Wabbit (available only in Regions 2 & 4) May 4, 2011
Road-Runner & Wile E. Coyote: Supergenius Hijinks October 4, 2011
Pepé Le Pew: Zee Best Of Zee Best December 27, 2011
Porky & Friends: Hilarious Ham November 6, 2012
Sylvester and Hippety Hopper: Marsupial Mayhem April 23, 2013

The series was intended to expand to include Yosemite Sam, Speedy Gonzales, Elmer J. Fudd, and other compilations. On December 14, 2012, Jerry Beck stated on Stu's Show that he would be picking some cartoons for the future of the Looney Tunes Superstars line. However, due to no more restoration budget to restore more never-before-released on DVD Looney Tunes cartoons in 2014, the Looney Tunes Superstars line came to an abrupt end, with Marsupial Mayhem being the last collection of the release.


Collectors were upset to find that all post-1953 cartoons from the first two Looney Tunes Superstars collections (Hare Extraordinaire and Frustrated Fowl) were presented in widescreen format instead of Academy ratio. As a result of these complaints, later volumes presented their cartoons in both formats. However, the Porky & Friends and Sylvester and Hippety Hopper DVDs only contain full screen versions of the cartoons.

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 1 presents Ducking the Devil, Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare, and Mad as a Mars Hare in their original Academy aspect ratio. Restored prints of several cartoons from the Hare Extraordinaire and Frustrated Fowl DVDs have been broadcast in full screen on Boomerang feeds in Europe, though they have yet to be released on DVD or Blu-Ray. But with the Super Stars Series having officially ended, it is currently unknown whether or not the other cartoons from the Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck releases will be restored to full screen.

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Releases (DD = Double Dipped)
Bugs Bunny: Hare ExtraordinaireDaffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl
Foghorn Leghorn & Friends: Barnyard BigmouthTweety & Sylvester: Feline Fwenzy (DD)
Bugs Bunny: Wascally Wabbit (DD)Road-Runner & Wile E. Coyote: Supergenius Hijinks
Pepé Le Pew: Zee Best of Zee BestPorky Pig & Friends: Hilarious Ham
Sylvester & Hippety Hopper: Marsupial Mayhem
Bugs Bunny: Hare Extraordinaire (* = Cropped to Widescreen)
Mutiny on the BunnyBushy HareHare We GoFoxy By ProxyHare Trimmed
Lumber Jack-Rabbit* • Napoleon Bunny-Part* • Bedevilled Rabbit* • Apes of Wrath* • From Hare to Heir*
Lighter Than Hare* • The Million Hare* • Mad as a Mars Hare* • Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare* • False Hare*
Bugs Bunny: Wascally Wabbit (Doubled Dipped)
Tortoise Beats HareSuper-RabbitRabbit FireBaton BunnyRabbit of Seville
Big Top BunnyBowery BugsGorilla My DreamsLong-Haired HareHigh Diving Hare
Bully for BugsBallot Box BunnyRabbit SeasoningRabbit's KinBroom-Stick Bunny
Daffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl (* = Cropped to Widescreen)
Tick Tock TuckeredNasty QuacksDaffy DillyWise QuackersThe Prize Pest
Design for Leaving* • Stork Naked* • This is a Life?* • Dime to Retire* • Ducking the Devil*
People are Bunny* • Person to Bunny* • Daffy's Inn Trouble* • The Iceman Ducketh* • Suppressed Duck*
Foghorn Leghorn & Friends: Barnyard Bigmouth (! = Double Dipped)
All Fowled UpFox-TerrorA Broken Leghorn (!)Crockett-Doodle-DoWeasel While You Work
Weasel StopLittle Boy BooBanty RaidsStrangled EggsGopher Broke
A Mutt In A RutMouse-Placed KittenCheese It, the Cat!Two Crows From TacosCrow’s Feat
Tweety & Sylvester: Feline Fwenzy (Doubled Dipped)
Tweetie PieBad Ol' Putty TatAll a Bir-r-r-dCanary RowPutty Tat Trouble
Room and BirdTweety's S.O.S.Tweet Tweet TweetyGift WrappedAin't She Tweet
Snow BusinessSatan's Waitin'Tweety and the BeanstalkBirds AnonymousThe Last Hungry Cat
Road-Runner & Wile E. Coyote: Supergenius Hijinks
Coyote FallsFur of FlyingRabid RiderThe Whizzard of Ow!Little Go Beep
Chariots of FurSugar and SpiesClippety ClobberedThe Solid Tin CoyoteOut and Out Rout
Shot and BotheredChaser on the RocksHighway RunneryBoulder WHAM!Hairied and Hurried
Pepé Le Pew: Zee Best of Zee Best (! = Double Dipped)
Odor-able Kitty (!)Scent-imental Over YouOdor of the DayFor Scent-imental Reasons (!)Scent-imental Romeo
Little Beau PepéWild Over YouDog PoundedThe Cats BahPast Perfumance
Two Scent's WorthHeaven Scent (!)Touché and GoReally ScentWho Scent You?
A Scent of the MatterhornLouvre, Come Back to Me!
Porky Pig & Friends: Hilarious Ham (! = Double Dipped)
Tom Turk and DaffyWagon Heels (!)Mouse MenaceOne Meat BrawlCurtain RazorThe Pest That Came to Dinner
Riff Raffy DaffyBoobs in the Woods (!)Dog CollaredThumb FunFool CoverageCorn on the Cop
Corn PlasteredGone BattyAnt PastedDog Gone People
Bunny and Claude: We Rob Carrot PatchesThe Great Carrot-Train Robbery
Sylvester & Hippety Hopper: Marsupial Mayhem (! = Double Dipped)
Hop, Look and ListenHippety HopperPop 'Im Pop!Who's Kitten Who?Hoppy-Go-LuckyCats A-Weigh!
Bell HoppyLighthouse MouseToo Hop To HandleThe Slap-Hoppy MouseMouse-Taken IdentityHoppy Daze
Freudy CatCat's PawGoldimouse and the Three Cats (!)Birds of a FatherFish and SlipsClaws in the Lease
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