Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6 is a four-disc DVD box set collection of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons. Following the pattern of one release each year of the previous volumes, it was released on October 21, 2008.[1]

Warner Home Video had announced that this will be the final release in the Golden Collection series.[2] Succeeding the Golden Collection series would be the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection series on Blu-ray, which had its first release in November 2011. On July 3, 2012, a two-disc DVD version of Volume 1 of the Platinum Collection was released.[3]

Volume 6 is far less child-friendly than the other five volumes in the series. Like Volumes 3, 4, and 5, it has a warning before each disc about the shorts containing content that some viewers would not consider to be "politically correct" by today's standards (but will be shown uncut and uncensored for historical reasons), and as such, is "intended for the adult collector". However, Volume 6's disclaimer states that it "is not suitable for children", as opposed to Volumes 3-5 stating that they "may not be suitable for children". This is due to that in addition to containing cartoons that have racial and/orethnic stereotypes (like in Volumes 3, 4, and 5) and references to sexism in Robert McKimson's Wild Wife, Volume 6 also contains many cartoons that pertain to World War II, most of them containing depictions or references to Adolf Hitler and Hideki Tojo or to Nazis and Imperial Japan in general. While Volumes 4 and 5 each had a couple explicitly WWII themed cartoons (Plane Daffy and Scrap Happy Daffy respectively), Volume 6 is notable for having an entire disc dedicated to the subject (Disc 2: Patriotic Pals), including several of its bonus cartoons.

Volume 6 was originally only released in North America due to the poor sales of Volume 5. However, the discs in this volume were not region-coded, making it easy for collectors outside of North America to import and play this set. The set was released in the UK on 12 September 2011.[4]

Disc 1: Looney Tunes All-Stars

# Title Characters Director Year Series
1 Hare Trigger Bugs, Sam Friz Freleng 1945 MM
2 To Duck or Not To Duck Daffy, Elmer Chuck Jones 1943 LT
3 Birth of a Notion Daffy Robert McKimson 1947 LT
4 My Little Duckaroo Daffy, Porky, Nasty Canasta Chuck Jones 1954 MM
5 Crowing Pains Foghorn, Henery, Sylvester, Barnyard Robert McKimson 1947 LT
6 Raw! Raw! Rooster! Foghorn Robert McKimson 1956 LT
7 Heaven Scent Pepé, Penelope Chuck Jones 1956 MM
8 My Favorite Duck Daffy, Porky Chuck Jones 1942 LT
9 Jumpin' Jupiter Porky, Sylvester Chuck Jones 1955 MM
10 Satan's Waitin' Tweety, Sylvester Friz Freleng 1954 LT
11 Hook, Line and Stinker Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner Chuck Jones 1958 LT
12 Bear Feat The Three Bears Chuck Jones 1949 LT
13 Dog Gone South Charlie, Colonel Shuffle Chuck Jones 1950 MM
14 A Ham in a Role Goofy Gophers Robert McKimson 1949 LT
15 Often an Orphan Porky, Charlie Chuck Jones 1949 MM

Special features

Bonus cartoons

Title Characters Director Year Series
Sniffles Takes a Trip Sniffles Chuck Jones 1940 MM
Hippety Hopper Sylvester, Hippety Hopper, Hector Robert McKimson 1949 MM
Rabbit Rampage Bugs, Elmer Chuck Jones 1955 LT
Boyhood Daze Ralph Phillips Chuck Jones 1957 MM


Music-only tracks

Television specials

  • Bugs Bunny in King Arthur’s Court (1978)
  • Daffy Duck’s Easter Eggcitement (1980)

Disc 2: Patriotic Pals

# Title Characters Director Year Series
1 Herr Meets Hare Bugs Friz Freleng 1945 MM
2 Russian Rhapsody Bob Clampett 1944 MM
3 Daffy - The Commando Daffy Friz Freleng 1943 LT
4 Bosko the Doughboy Bosko Hugh Harman 1931 LT
5 Rookie Revue Friz Freleng 1941 MM
6 The Draft Horse Chuck Jones 1942 MM
7 Wacky Blackout Bob Clampett 1942 LT
8 The Ducktators Norman McCabe 1942 LT
9 The Weakly Reporter Chuck Jones 1944 MM
10 The Fifth-Column Mouse Friz Freleng 1943 MM
11 Meet John Doughboy Porky Bob Clampett 1941 LT
12 Hollywood Canine Canteen Robert McKimson 1946 MM
13 By Word of Mouse Sylvester Friz Freleng 1954 LT
14 Heir-Conditioned Sylvester, Elmer Friz Freleng 1955 LT
15 Yankee Dood It Sylvester, Elmer Friz Freleng 1956 MM

Special features

Bonus cartoons

Title Characters Director Year Series
The Fighting 69½th Friz Freleng 1941 MM
Hop and Go Norman McCabe 1943 LT
Confusions of a Nutzy Spy Porky Norman McCabe 1943 LT

Friz Freleng at MGM

  • Poultry Pirates (1938)
  • A Day at the Beach (1938)
  • The Captain’s Christmas (1938)
  • Seal Skinners (1939)
  • Mama’s New Hat (1939)


Music-only track

Disc 3: Bosko, Buddy and Merrie Melodies

All cartoons on this disc are in black-and-white.

# Title Characters Director Year Series
1 Congo Jazz Bosko Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising 1930 LT
2 Smile, Darn Ya, Smile! Foxy Rudolf Ising 1931 MM
3 The Booze Hangs High Bosko Hugh Harman and Rudolf Ising 1930 LT
4 One More Time Foxy Rudolf Ising 1931 MM
5 Bosko's Picture Show Bosko Hugh Harman and Friz Freleng 1933 LT
6 You Don't Know What You're Doin'! Piggy Rudolf Ising 1931 MM
7 We're in the Money Rudolf Ising 1933 MM
8 Ride Him, Bosko! Bosko Hugh Harman 1932 LT
9 Shuffle Off to Buffalo Rudolf Ising and Friz Freleng 1933 MM
10 Bosko in Person Bosko Hugh Harman and Friz Freleng 1933 LT
11 The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Rudolf Ising 1933 MM
12 Buddy's Day Out Buddy Tom Palmer 1933 LT
13 Buddy's Beer Garden Buddy Earl Duvall 1933 LT
14 Buddy's Circus Buddy Jack King 1934 LT
15 A Cartoonist's Nightmare Beans Jack King 1935 LT

Special features

Bonus cartoons

All bonus cartoons on this disc are one-shots and are in the Merrie Melodies series.
Title Director Year
I Love a Parade Rudolf Ising 1932
I Like Mountain Music Rudolf Ising 1933
Sittin' on a Backyard Fence Earl Duvall 1933
How Do I Know It's Sunday Friz Freleng 1934


The World of Leon Schlesinger

Disc 4: Most Requested Assorted Nuts and One-Shots

# Title Director Year Series
1 Horton Hatches the Egg Bob Clampett 1942 MM
2 Lights Fantastic Friz Freleng 1942 MM
3 Fresh Airedale Chuck Jones 1945 MM
4 Chow Hound Chuck Jones 1951 LT
5 The Oily American Robert McKimson 1954 MM
6 It's Hummer Time Robert McKimson 1950 LT
7 Rocket-bye Baby Chuck Jones 1956 MM
8 Goo Goo Goliath Friz Freleng 1954 MM
9 Wild Wife Robert McKimson 1954 MM
10 Much Ado About Nutting Chuck Jones 1953 MM
11 The Hole Idea Robert McKimson 1955 LT
12 Now Hear This Chuck Jones, Maurice Noble 1963 LT
13 Martian Through Georgia Chuck Jones, Maurice Noble, and Abe Levitow 1962 LT
14 Page Miss Glory Tex Avery - uncredited 1936 MM
15 Norman Normal Alex Lovy 1968 CS

Special Features

Bonus cartoons

All bonus cartoons on this disc are in the post-1948 package, and like the main shorts they are all one-shots.
Title Director Year Series
Sleepy Time Possum Robert McKimson 1951 MM
Punch Trunk Chuck Jones 1953 LT
Wild Wild World Robert McKimson 1960 MM
Bartholomew Versus the Wheel Robert McKimson 1964 MM


Alternate audio programs

Bonus documentary

What if... Looney Tunes Golden Collection had continued?

Note: The following section is purely fictional opinions. This section only shows what could have happened if this had continued. Please disregard anything that you read in this section.

If Warner Home Video had chosen to continue this DVD series, there would have been more LT&MM Cartoons restored and released for this series/

Unfortunately, due to article limitations, it is impossible to show what volumes and cartoons that could have been released in this article.

However, a list of certain possible volumes can be shown in this section. Blogs will be made to show what cartoons would be available:

Possible Volumes:

  • Volume 7
  • Volume 8
  • Volume 9
  • Volume 10
  • Volume 11
  • Volume 12


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Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 1

Disc 1 - Best of Bugs Bunny
Baseball BugsRabbit SeasoningLong-Haired HareHigh Diving HareBully for Bugs
What's Up Doc?Rabbit's KinWater, Water Every HareBig House BunnyBig Top Bunny
My Bunny Lies Over The SeaWabbit TwoubleBallot Box BunnyRabbit of Seville

Disc 2 - Best of Daffy and Porky
Duck AmuckDough for the Do-DoDrip-Along DaffyScaredy CatThe Ducksters
The Scarlet PumpernickelYankee Doodle DaffyPorky ChopsThe Wearing of the GrinDeduce, You Say
Boobs in the WoodsGolden YeggsRabbit FireDuck Dodgers in the 24½th Century

Disc 3 - Looney Tunes All-Stars Part 1
Elmer's Candid CameraBugs Bunny and the Three BearsFast and Furry-ousHair-Raising HareThe Awful Orphan
Haredevil HareFor Scent-imental ReasonsFrigid HareThe Hypo-Chondri-CatBaton Bunny
Feed the KittyDon't Give Up the SheepBugs Bunny gets the BoidTortoise Wins by a Hare

Disc 4 - Looney Tunes All-Stars Part 2
Canary RowBunker Hill BunnyKit for CatPutty Tat TroubleBugs and Thugs
Canned FeudLumber JerksSpeedy GonzalesTweety's S.O.S.The Foghorn Leghorn
Daffy Duck HuntEarly to BetA Broken LeghornDevil May Hare

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 2

Disc 1 - Bugs Bunny Masterpieces
The Big SnoozeBroom-Stick BunnyBugs Bunny Rides AgainBunny HuggedFrench Rarebit
Gorilla My DreamsThe Hare-Brained HypnotistHare ConditionedThe Heckling HareLittle Red Riding Rabbit
Tortoise Beats HareRabbit TransitSlick HareBaby Buggy BunnyHyde and Hare

Disc 2 - Road Runner and Friends
Beep, BeepGoing! Going! Gosh!Zipping AlongStop! Look! And Hasten!Ready, Set... ZOOM!
Guided MuscleGee Whiz-z-z-zThere They GO-GO-GO!Scrambled AchesZoom and Bored
Whoa, Be-Gone!Cheese ChasersThe Dover BoysMouse WreckersA Bear for Punishment

Disc 3 - Tweety & Sylvester and Friends
Bad Ol' Putty TatAll a Bir-r-r-rdRoom and BirdTweet Tweet TweetyGift Wrapped
Ain't She TweetA Bird in a Guilty CageSnow BusinessTweetie PieKitty Kornered
Baby BottleneckOld GloryThe Great Piggy Bank RobberyDuck Soup to NutsPorky in Wackyland

Disc 4 - Looney Tunes All Stars Part 3: On Stage and Screen
Back Alley OproarBook RevueA Corny ConcertoHave You Got Any Castles?Hollywood Steps Out
I Love to SingaKatnip KollegeThe Hep CatThree Little BopsOne Froggy Evening
Rhapsody RabbitShow Biz BugsStage Door CartoonWhat's Opera, Doc?You Ought to Be in Pictures

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 3

Disc 1 - Bugs Bunny Classics
Hare ForceHare RemoverHare TonicA Hare Grows in ManhattanEaster Yeggs
The Wabbit Who Came to SupperBowery BugsHomeless HareCase of the Missing HareAcrobatty Bunny
Wackiki WabbitHare DoRebel RabbitHillbilly HareDuck! Rabbit, Duck!

Disc 2 - Hollywood Caricatures and Parodies
Daffy Duck in HollywoodHollywood CapersThe Coo-Coo Nut GrovePorky's Road RaceThe Woods Are Full of Cuckoos
She Was an Acrobat's DaughterThe Film FanSpeaking of the WeatherThugs with Dirty MugsGoofy Groceries
Swooner CroonerWideo WabbitThe Honey-MousersThe Last Hungry CatThe Mouse That Jack Built

Disc 3 - Porky and the Pigs
I Haven't Got a HatPorky's RomancePorky's PartyPorky in EgyptPorky and Teabiscuit
Pigs is PigsPigs in a PolkaPorky Pig's FeatDaffy Duck Slept HereBye, Bye Bluebeard
An Egg ScrambleRobin Hood DaffyThe Windblown HareClaws for AlarmRocket Squad

Disc 4 - Looney Tunes All Stars Part 4: Cartoon Party
Daffy Duck and the DinosaurSuper-RabbitDaffy Duck & EggheadA Gruesome TwosomeDraftee Daffy
Falling HareSteal WoolBirds AnonymousNo BarkingRabbit Punch
An Itch in TimeOdor-able KittyWalky Talky HawkyGonzales' TamalesTo Beep or Not to Beep

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 4

Disc 1 - Bugs Bunny Favorites
Roman Legion-HareThe Grey Hounded HareRabbit HoodOperation: RABBITKnight-mare Hare
Southern Fried RabbitMississippi HareHurdy-Gurdy HareForward March HareSahara Hare
Barbary-Coast BunnyTo Hare Is Human8 Ball BunnyKnighty Knight BugsRabbit Romeo

Disc 2 - A Dash of Tashlin
The Case of the Stuttering PigLittle Pancho VanillaLittle Beau PorkyNow That Summer Is GonePorky in the North Woods
You're an EducationPorky's RailroadPlane DaffyPorky the FiremanCracked Ice
Puss n' BootyI Got Plenty of MuttonBooby HatchedPorky's Poultry PlantThe Stupid Cupid

Disc 3 - Speedy Gonzales in a Flash
Cat-Tails for TwoTabasco RoadTortilla FlapsMexicali ShmoesHere Today, Gone Tamale
West of the PesosCannery WoeThe Pied Piper of GuadalupeMexican BoardersChili Weather
A Message to GraciasNuts and VoltsPancho's HideawayThe Wild ChaseA-Haunting We Will Go

Disc 4 - Kitty Korner
The Night WatchmanConrad the SailorThe Sour PussThe Aristo-CatDough Ray Me-ow
Pizzicato PussycatKiss Me CatCat FeudThe Unexpected PestGo Fly a Kit
Kiddin’ the KittenA Peck o' TroubleMouse and GardenPorky's Poor FishSwallow the Leader

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5

Disc 1 - Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
14 Carrot RabbitAli Baba BunnyBuccaneer BunnyBugs' BonnetsA Star Is Bored
A Pest in the HouseTransylvania 6-5000Oily HareStupor DuckThe Stupor Salesman
The Abominable Snow RabbitThe Super SnooperThe Up-Standing SitterHollywood DaffyYou Were Never Duckier

Disc 2 - Fun-Filled Fairy Tales
Bewitched BunnyPaying the PiperThe Bear's TaleFoney FablesGoldimouse and the Three Cats
Holiday for ShoestringsLittle Red Rodent HoodLittle Red Walking HoodRed Riding HoodwinkedThe Trial of Mr. Wolf
The Turn-Tale WolfTom Thumb in TroubleTweety and the BeanstalkA Gander at Mother GooseSeñorella and the Glass Huarache

Disc 3 - Putting a Bob Clampett on It
Bacall to ArmsBuckaroo BugsCrazy CruiseFarm FrolicsHare Ribbin'
Patient PorkyPrehistoric PorkyThe Bashful BuzzardThe Old Grey HareThe Wacky Wabbit
The Wise Quacking DuckWagon HeelsThe Daffy DocA Tale of Two KittiesPorky's Pooch

Disc 4 - The Early Daze
Alpine AnticsEatin' on the CuffMilk and MoneyI've Got to Sing a Torch SongPorky at the Crocadero
Polar PalsScrap Happy DaffyPorky's Double TroubleGold Diggers of '49Pilgrim Porky
Wise QuacksPorky's PreviewPorky's Poppa (Has a Farm)Wholly SmokeWhat Price Porky

Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6

Disc 1 - Looney Tunes All Stars (Part 5)
Hare TriggerTo Duck....or not To DuckThe Birth of a NotionMy Little DuckarooCrowing Pains
Raw! Raw! Rooster!Heaven ScentMy Favorite DuckJumpin' JupiterSatan's Waitin'
Hook, Line and StinkerBear FeatDog Gone SouthA Ham in a RoleOften an Orphan
Bonus Cartoons: Sniffles Takes a TripHippety HopperRabbit RampageBoyhood Daze

Disc 2 - Patriotic Pals
Herr Meets HareRussian RhapsodyDaffy - The CommandoBosko the DoughboyRookie Revue
The Draft HorseWacky BlackoutThe DucktatorsThe Weakly ReporterThe Fifth-Column Mouse
Meet John DoughboyHollywood Canine CanteenBy Word of MouseHeir-ConditionedYankee Dood It
Bonus Cartoons: The Fighting 69½thHop and GoConfusions of a Nutzy Spy

Disc 3 - Bosko, Buddy & Merrie Melodies
Congo JazzSmile, Darn Ya, Smile!The Booze Hangs HighOne More TimeBosko's Picture Show
You Don't Know What You're Doin'!We're in the MoneyRide Him, Bosko!Shuffle Off to BuffaloBosko in Person
The Dish Ran Away with the SpoonBuddy's Day OutBuddy's Beer GardenBuddy's CircusA Cartoonist's Nightmare
Bonus Cartoons: I Love a ParadeI Like Mountain MusicSittin' on a Backyard FenceHow Do I Know It's Sunday

Disc 4 - Most-Requested Assorted Nuts & One-Shots
Horton Hatches the EggLights FantasticFresh AiredaleChow HoundThe Oily American
It's Hummer TimeRocket-bye BabyGoo Goo GoliathWild WifeMuch Ado About Nutting
The Hole IdeaNow Hear ThisMartian Through GeorgiaPage Miss GloryNorman Normal
Bonus Cartoons: Sleepy Time PossumPunch TrunkBartholomew Versus the WheelWild Wild World
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