Loogie Short is Toby's best friend and deuteragonist from Shorts: Adventures of the Wishing Rock. He is the brother of Laser Short, Lug Short and Baby Short.



Like his brothers Laser and Lug , Loogie enjoys video games and dislikes having to watch his little sister, 'Baby' . Of the three Short boys, Loogie is the one who enjoys playing outside the most. He is very outgoing, and seems to make friends easily.


  • Loogie's first wish is completely on accident when he 'wishes he knew' what the Wishing Rock was.
  • His second wish is to test the rock and he wishes for a 'neverending supply of chocolate'.
  • At his brothers' insistence his third wishes is for the Wishing Rock's instructions, which turns out to be a giant book impossible to read. And then for the 'short version' of those instructions, which is a fortune cookie that says "make a wish".
  • He wishes for a 'fortress surrounded by a canyon with man-eating crocodiles and venomous snakes'.
  • He wishes for the 'snakes to disappear' before they can hurt Laser.
  • He wishes for 'something to take the three boys away' from the attacking crocodiles and the wish creates a pterodactyl that fly's them to safety.
  • He accidentally wishes for 'telephonesis' before correcting himself and wishing for 'telekinesis'.
  • He uses a wish to start the day over.
  • He wishes that one of his siblings was 'super smart' and again the wish is too vague and the 'Baby' ends up becoming really smart.
  • Loogie's final wish is for his 'crocodile army' to help stop Mr. Black and the other adults.

Role in the film



  • He hits on Toe's older sister Stacey through out the movie.
  • He has read and knows a lot of random facts, such as 'yawning cools the brain'.
  • He seems pretty smart and comes up with a good theory as to how the Wishing Rock appeared and created the rainbow.
  • When introducing himself, he says his name and then makes the noise of having a loogie in his throat.

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