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Caricatures of celebrities have long appeared in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, also including Warner Bros. and other subsidiaries related media. Among the stars that have been so immortalized are:

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello[]

Fred Allen[]

Gracie Allen[]

Don Ameche[]

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson[]

Marc Antony[]

George Arliss[]

Louis Armstrong[]

Edward Arnold[]

Jean Arthur[]

Fred Astaire[]

Roy Atwell[]

Mischa Auer[]

Artie Auerbach[]

Lauren Bacall[]

Jim Backus[]

  • A-Lad-In His Lamp - the character Smokey the Genie is voiced by him and is also modeled after the character Hubert Updike III from The Alan Young Show whom Backus played

Art Baker[]

Elaine Barrie[]

John Barrymore[]

Lionel Barrymore[]

Freddie Bartholomew[]

Eileen Barton[]

Wallace Beery[]

Bea Benadaret[]

William Bendix[]

Jack Benny[]

Edgar Bergen[]

Charlie McCarthy[]

Mortimer Snerd[]

Milton Berle[]

Ben Bernie[]

Joe Besser[]

Mel Blanc[]

  • Easter Yeggs - the Easter Rabbit's voice is based on the Happy Postman, a character that Blanc played in the Burns and Allen Show. He also says his catchphrase, "Keep smiling!"
  • Life with Feathers - Sylvester's voice originates from a character that Blanc played in the Judy Canova Show named Sylvester, who spoke with a lisp
  • Daffy Duck Slept Here - Daffy quotes the train announcer that Blanc played in The Jack Benny Program
  • Mississippi Hare - the boat announcer quotes Blanc's train announcer's pronunciation of Cucamonga as, "Cuc-amonga
  • Curtain Razor - the grasshopper pronounces Cucamonga the same way that the train announcer that Blanc plays does
  • Transylvania 6-5000 - Bugs pronounces Cucamonga the same way that the train announcer that Blanc plays does

William Bligh[]

Joan Blondell[]

Humphrey Bogart[]

Humphrey Bogart appears in:

Merwyn Bogue[]

Napoleon Bonaparte[]

Daniel Boone[]

  • Scrap Happy Daffy
  • Feather Dusted - When Egghead Jr. points a gun at Foghorn dressed as an Indian while playing Indians, Foghorn refers to Egghead Jr. as Daniel Boone

Victor Borge[]

The Boswell Sisters[]

Charles Boyer[]

Diamond Jim Brady[]

Bobby Breen[]

Walter Brennan[]

Fanny Brice[]

Joe E. Brown[]

Bob Burns[]

James Cagney[]

Cab Calloway[]

Candy Candido[]

Charles Cantor[]

Eddie Cantor[]

Art Carney[]

Jack Carson[]

Lon Chaney Jr.[]

Charlie Chaplin[]

Maurice Chevalier[]

Winston Churchill[]


Irvin S. Cobb[]

Claudette Colbert[]

Lois Collier[]

Ronald Colman[]

Jerry Colonna[]

Russ Columbo[]

Christopher Columbus[]

Bill Comstock[]

Gary Cooper[]

Buster Crabbe[]

Laird Cregar[]

Bing Crosby[]

Cass Daley[]

Bette Davis[]

Olivia de Havilland[]

Billy De Wolfe[]

Kenny Delmar[]

  • Walky Talky Hawky - the character Foghorn Leghorn was partially inspired by Delmar's character, Senator Claghorn, from The Fred Allen Show.
  • Rebel Rabbit - the Congressman is a caricature of his character Senator Claghorn
  • Curtain Razor - the turtle impersonates his character Senator Claghorn during his thousand voice impersonations

Jack Dempsey[]

Andy Devine[]

Marlene Dietrich[]

The Dionne Quintuplets[]

Robert Donat[]

Tommy Dorsey[]

Jimmy Durante[]

Deanna Durbin[]

Roger Ebert[]

Ralph Edwards[]

Douglas Fairbanks[]

Alice Faye[]

King Ferdinand[]

Stepin Fetchit[]

Jimmy Fiedler[]

W.C. Fields[]

The Flying Wallendas[]

Errol Flynn[]

Henry Fonda[]

Frank Fontaine[]

  • Rabbit's Kin - the character Pete Puma's voice is based off of his character Crazy Guggenheim from The Jackie Gleason Show

Helen Forrest[]

Benjamin Franklin[]

Clark Gable[]

Clark Gable appears in:

Tony Galento[]

Greta Garbo[]

Tess Gardella[]

Ed Gardner[]

Judy Garland[]

Dave Garroway[]

King George III[]

Mahatma Ghandi[]

Jackie Gleason[]

Paulette Goddard[]

Joseph Goebbels[]

Hermann Goering[]

Benny Goodman[]

Bert Gordon[]

Maurice Gosfield[]

Cary Grant[]

Billy Gray[]

Sydney Greenstreet[]

Wendell Hall[]

Lionel Hampton[]

John Hancock[]

Ernie Hare[]

Mata Hari[]

Jean Harlow[]

Phil Harris[]

Gabby Hartnett[]

Richard Haydn[]

  • Hobby Horse-Laffs - Giggleswick's voice is an imitation of him
  • Super Rabbit - Professor Canafrazz's voice is an imitation of him

Rita Hayworth[]

Sonja Henie[]

Henry VIII[]

Patrick Henry[]

Katharine Hepburn[]

Hugh Herbert[]

Main article: Hugh Herbert

Rudolf Hess[]


  • Spies

Alfred Hitchcock[]

Portland Hoffa[]

Masaharu Homma[]

J. Edgar Hoover[]

Bob Hope[]

Hedda Hopper[]

Leslie Howard[]

Carl Hubbell[]

Marlin Hurt[]

  • The Great Piggy Bank Robbery - Daffy quotes his character Beulah from Fibber McGee and Molly by saying, "I love that man!” At the end, the pig quotes him and says, “I love that duck!”
  • The Big Snooze - Bugs Bunny quotes Beulah at the end by saying, "I love that man!"

Queen Isabella[]

Stonewall Jackson[]

Harry James[]

Thomas Jefferson[]

Joan of Arc[]

Al Jolson[]

Billy Jones[]

John Paul Jones[]

Marian Jordan[]

Empress Josephine[]

Peggy Hopkins Joyce[]

Boris Karloff[]

Danny Kaye[]

Buster Keaton[]

Ruby Keeler[]

Omar Khayyam[]

Phil Kramer[]

  • Porky's Hotel - as his Grouch Club character Mr. Willoughby "Quote... Unquote."

Gene Krupa[]

Kay Kyser[]

Tony Labriola[]

Emeril Lagasse[]

  • Satellite Sam

Fiorello LaGuardia[]

Arthur Lake[]

Veronica Lake[]

Dorothy Lamour[]

Harry Langdon[]

Charles Laughton[]

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy[]

Robert E. Lee[]

Richard LeGrand[]

  • The Old Grey Hare - At the end, Bugs says Richard Q. Peavey's catchphrase, "Well now, I wouldn't say that!"
  • Draftee Daffy - The Little Man from the Draft Board is a parody of his character Richard Q. Peavey from Fibber McGee and Molly and says his catchphrase when replying to Daffy, "Well now, I wouldn't say that!"
  • A Gruesome Twosome - The Jimmy Durante cat quotes Richard Q. Peavey and says, "Well now, I wouldn't say that!"
  • The Bashful Buzzard - At the end, the dragon that Beaky brings home does an impression of Richard Q. Peavey and says his catchphrase, "Well now, I wouldn't say that!"
  • The Goofy Gophers - At the end, Bugs says Richard Q. Peavey's catchphrase, "Well now, I wouldn't say that!"

Lew Lehr[]

Vivien Leigh[]

Joan Leslie[]

Ted Lewis[]


Abraham Lincoln[]

Art Linkletter[]

John Litel[]

Mary Livingstone[]

Harold Lloyd[]

Carole Lombard[]

Carmen Lombardo[]

Lord Haw-Haw[]

Peter Lorre[]

Jimmie Lunceford[]

Ida Lupino[]

Douglas MacArthur[]

Fred MacMurray[]

Wally Maher[]

Fredric March[]

The Marx Brothers[]

Victor Mature[]

  • The Hep Cat - the cat's face turns into a caricature of him when he claims be a "gorgeous hunk of man"

Victor McLaglen[]

Haven McQuarrie[]

Audrey Meadows[]

Adolphe Menjou[]

Ray Milland[]

The Mills Brothers[]

Peter Minuit[]

Carmen Miranda[]

James Monroe[]

Vaughn Monroe[]

Bull Montana[]

Grace Moore[]

Victor Moore[]

Helen Morgan[]

Paul Muni[]

Edward R. Murrow[]

Benito Mussolini[]

Frank Nelson[]

Emperor Nero[]

Margaret O'Brien[]

Edna May Oliver[]

Frank Orth[]

Ignacy Jan Paderewski[]

Eugene Pallette[]

Harry Parke[]

Louella Parsons[]

Louis Pasteur[]

Pat Patrick[]

  • Corn Plastered - the crow is voiced by him and his voice was based on Patrick's character Ercil Twing from The Chase and Sanborn Hour

Al Pearce[]

Harold Peary[]

  • Hare Conditioned - the store manager's voice is an impression of his character from Fibber McGee and Molly, Thockmorton P. Gildersleeve, and Bugs remarks that he sounds "just like that guy on the radio: The Great Gildersneeze!"

Gregory Peck[]

Joe Penner[]

Lydia Pinkham[]

Minerva Pious[]

ZaSu Pitts[]


Oscar Polk[]

Lily Pons[]

Emily Post[]

Dick Powell[]

William Powell[]

Tyrone Power[]

Elvis Presley[]

John Qualen[]

George Raft[]

Katharine Raht[]

Sally Rand[]

Joyce Randolph[]

Basil Rathbone[]

Martha Raye[]

Dixie Reger[]

Paul Revere[]

The Ritz Brothers[]

Bill Robinson[]

Edward G. Robinson[]

Edward G. Robinson appears in:

Ginger Rogers[]

Cesar Romero[]

Mickey Rooney[]

Franklin Delano Roosevelt[]

Theodore Roosevelt[]

Max Rosenbloom[]

Betsy Ross[]

Lanny Ross[]

David Rubinoff[]

Babe Ruth[]

Chic Sale[]

Zachary Scott[]

William Shakespeare[]

George Bernard Shaw[]

Norma Shearer[]

Ann Sheridan[]

Bugsy Siegel[]

Frank Sinatra[]

Penny Singleton[]

Gene Siskel[]

Sitting Bull[]

Red Skelton[]

  • Gopher Goofy - "Let's not get nosy, bub!"
  • Wacky Blackout - the woodpecker is based on the Mean Widdle Kid
  • The Impatient Patient - Daffy and Chloe both say, "He don't know me very well, do he?" Later, Daffy hits Chloe on the head with a hammer and he exclaims, "Oh! Oh! You bwoke my widdle head! Oh you bwoke my widdle spine!" The cuckoo bird holds a sign reading "HE, DOOD IT"
  • The Daffy Duckaroo - Little Beaver's voice is based on Clem Kadiddlehopper and the character Daisy June shares the same name as Clem's girlfriend. Also when Little Beaver's hammer breaks, he quotes the Mean Widdle Kid by saying, "you bwoke my widdle hammer!"
  • A Tale of Two Kitties - the character Tweety was based on the Mean Widdle Kid
  • Ding Dog Daddy - a bird quotes the Mean Widdle Kid when he tells the dog, "Let's not get nosy, bub!"
  • Case of the Missing Hare - Bugs does an impression of his Mean Widdle Kid character by saying, "If I dood it, I get a whippin'. I dood it."
  • The Fifth-Column Mouse - "We dood it!"
  • The Wise Quacking Duck - Daffy quotes the Mean Widdle Kid by saying, "you cwushed by widdle head!" after Mr. Meek attempts to cut him with an axe.
  • Brother Brat - Baby Butch/Percy quotes the Mean Widdle Kid by telling Porky, "let's not get nosy, bub!"
  • Birdy and the Beast - Tweety impersonates the Mean Widdle Kid when the cat tries to grab him
  • Buckaroo Bugs - Red Ryder is based on Clem Kadiddlehopper and Sheriff Dead-Eye
  • Stage Door Cartoon - Bugs does an impression of Clem when he says, "Here I am!"
  • Hare Trigger - At the end, Bugs quotes the Mean Widdle Kid by saying, "He don’t know me very well, do he?"
  • Ain't That Ducky - Daffy impersonates the Mean Widdle Kid and dresses like him after the hunter runs over Daffy's cardboard cutout of himself
  • Hare Tonic - Bugs quotes the Mean Widdle Kid when he says, "He don't know me very well, do he?"
  • Easter Yeggs - When Bugs scolds the Bratty Kid for his violent behavior, the latter quotes the Mean Widdle Kid by whining "He bwoke my wittle arm!" repetitively
  • I Taw a Putty Tat - Tweety quotes the Mean Widdle Kid when he says, "Her don't know me very well, do her?"
  • The Rattled Rooster - The worm says "He don't know how really clever I am, do he?"
  • Hare Splitter - Casbah Rabbit is an imitation of Clem Kadiddlehopper and his crush Daisy Lou is a parody of Clem's girlfriend Daisy June
  • Rebel Rabbit - Bugs quotes the Mean Widdle Kid when he says, "He don’t know me very well, do he?"
  • Ballot Box Bunny - Bugs quotes the Mean Widdle Kid after kissing Yosemite Sam by saying, "He bit my widdle nose!"
  • Sahara Hare - Yosemite Sam quotes Sheriff Deadeye when he tells his camel to "whoa"
  • Yankee Dood It - Though no caricatures of Red Skeleton's characters are seen or heard in this cartoon, the cartoon's title is partially a pun on Red Skeleton's famous "I dood it" quote.
  • Wet Hare
  • The Slick Chick

Alexis Smith[]

C. Aubrey Smith[]

John Smith[]

Kate Smith[]

Ned Sparks[]

Joseph Stalin[]

Lionel Stander[]

Henry Morton Stanley[]

Barbara Stanwyck[]

Jimmy Stewart[]

Leopold Stokowski[]

Lewis Stone[]

Deems Taylor[]

Robert Taylor[]

Lowell Thomas[]

Bill Thompson[]

The Three Stooges[]

Lawrence Tibbett[]

Hideki Tojo[]

Tamara Toumanova[]

Spencer Tracy[]

Arthur Treacher[]

Sophie Tucker[]

Gene Tunney[]

Deanna Turpin[]

Rudy Vallee[]

Lupe Velez[]

Josef von Sternberg[]

Fats Waller[]

George Washington[]

Johnny Weissmuller[]

Mae West[]

Bert Wheeler[]

Whistler's Mother[]

Paul Whiteman[]

Wendell Willkie[]

Don Wilson[]

Walter Winchell[]

Jane Withers[]

Tony Wons[]

Alexander Woollcott[]

Monty Woolley[]

Robert Woolsey[]

Ed Wynn[]

Isoruku Yamamoto[]

Loretta Young[]

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