Laser is the oldest of the three short brothers and is played by Leo Howard. He found the rock with his brothers and participated in the adventure that the rock created.



Like his brothers Lug and Loogie , Laser enjoys video games, playing outside and dislikes having to watch his little sister, 'Baby' . Of the three Short boys, Laser seems to be the most rational. He tends to think things through more than his brothers.

Powers and Abilities


  • Laser wishes for a catapult so that they can get rid of the Wishing Rock.
  • He wishes for 'long arms' so that no one can take the Wishing Rock away from him.

Role in the film




  • Laser wanted to wish for something 'big' so that he could smack Loogie with it, but he never followed through with his threat.
  • He didn't want Loogie to use the Wishing Rock without reading the instructions first.
  • He sees more of the big picture and wanted to use the rock to wish for world peace or to end world hunger and global warming.
  • He knows his brother Loogie so well that he can respond to things he hasn't even finished saying.
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