LUTHORCORP PLANT TO CLOSE, was an article featured on the Smallville Ledger website for the week of May 22-29, 2001. It was written by Christopher James Beppo.


Lionel Luthor Destroys Smallville's Economy In One Minute; Blames Son

Luthor Makes Dire Announcement

Luthor Makes Dire Announcement

In a shocking surprise announcement, LuthorCorp CEO Lionel Luthor has permanently shut down LuthorCorp's Smallville base of operations, Fertilizer Plant No. 3, blaming plant president Lex Luthor for mismanagement and leaving approximately 2,500 employees out of work.

The company is closing the plant, despite the fact that it posted a profit this quarter after two years of steady growth, presumably to consolidate production with similar facilities in Edge City, Bludhaven and Grandville. It is impossible to predict the elder Luthor's intentions, given the brevity of his address, which lasted less than one minute.

According to employees, Lionel Luthor arrived at the plant in the corporate helicopter shortly before noon on Tuesday. The entire workforce had assembled, including Lex Luthor and several of his managers, expecting to hear an inspirational speech from their leader. Instead, Lionel strode to the podium and brusquely informed the team that, "Due to management failures beyond your control, the plant will be closing, effective immediately."

Stunned silence and tears followed the speech as workers milled about, wondering whether or not to return to their workstations. While most people hugged and consoled one another, some were overheard cursing Lex, who instantly fled the premises.

"I'm sad because everybody is like family. We've all been here for so long,'' said Rita Hoshi, who has worked at the plant for the past nine years. "I'm going to have to start at the bottom in Bludhaven or somewhere else, where I don't know anyone. I guess everyone was right about Lex after all."

Lex Luthor has made no effort to publicly refute his father's accusation, fueling speculation that his goal all along has been to bide his time in Smallville until he can return to LuthorCorp's Metropolis headquarters.

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