Kyle Connellan is Sawyer Nelson's cousin and a supporting character in Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2.



Physical Appearance


Dolphin Tale

At a sports complex, Kyle and Sawyer are watching athletes swim. Sawyer states that Kyle is the best swimmer there is. Kyle then leaves to join the army over the summer to make money so he do more swimming.

However, Kyle is badly injured in an explosion. Sawyer and Lorraine go to visit him, only to be asked to leave, much to Sawyer's fury. Kyle explains that he just needs time to recuperate. A little later, Dr. McCarthy convinces Kyle to go home to his family. Kyle then shows up at the Clearwater Marine Hospital to help clean up the mess caused by a recent hurricane. He also helps out with Sawyer's plan to make enough money to keep the facility in business by doing a swim race with his friend Donovan Peck.

Dolphin Tale 2



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