Kid Nightingale is a 1939 American musical comedy film directed by George Amy and written by Charles Belden and Raymond L. Schrock. The film stars John Payne, Jane Wyman, Walter Catlett, Edward Brophy, Charles D. Brown, Max Hoffman Jr. and John Ridgely. The film was released by Warner Bros. on November 4, 1939.[1][2][3]


Singing waiter Steve Nelson flattens a customer who heckles him. Skip Davis, a trainer of prizefighters, witnesses this and proposes a new career to Steve, who agrees on the condition voice coach Rudolfo Terrassi is hired to help train him as a singer as well.

Women flock to ringside to watch the handsome Steve, dubbed "Kid Nightingale" for his singing talents. Steve is unaware that Skip and promoter Charles Paxton have fixed a number of fights, planning to bet on Steve to lose when he is pitted against a genuine opponent.

Judy Craig, the fighter's fiancée, recognizes Terrassi to be an impostor, actually wrestler Strangler Colombo in disguise. She brings the real Terrassi to the ring, where Steve, realizing he has been hoodwinked, promptly knocks out his foe, ruining his trainer's scheme and quitting boxing for good.



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