Juliana's Home is one of the primary setting in the film Quest for Camelot. It is the home of Lady Juliana, Kayley, and the late Sir Lionel.


The house itself is located on a farm near the beach, it is a triangular shaped, inside are stone walls, a fireplace, a wooden table, and a family tapestry of Lady Juliana, Kayley and Sir Lionel. An Chicken house is located further metres away from the house. In front of the house is a well. Sir Lionel's coffin is located somewhere on a hill close to the farm.

Role in the film

The house is seen where Sir Lionel and his family ride to the beach. And where Sir Lionel goes off with the knights to Camelot. It is next seen during winter where the knights bringing back Sir Lionel's dead body, and his funeral takes place. After ten years, Kayley does her daily chores in the farm whilst dreaming of becoming a knight. After she hears the horn from Camelot announcing Excalibur's theft, Kayley explains to her mother about this, But Juliana (worried about her safety) refuses to let her go to retrieve the sword. Later, when Ruber and his henchmen break into their home, setting it ablaze, Ruber reveals his plan to Juliana about overthrowing Arthur and rule Camelot. He then uses the well to transform his henchmen into ironmen for his plan. Ruber hears from the Griffin that Excalibur is lost in the Forbidden Forest and seeing Kayley escaping, he sends his henchmen after her. After that, the house isn't seen again for the rest of the film, despite the well still bubbling from the drops of the potion.


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