Jerry Bruckheimer Films is an production company currently owned by Jerry Bruckheimer and a subsidiary of all Jerry Bruckheimer-produced films. Alongside with his late producing partner Don Simpson, the duo had produced some of the most successful films of the 1980s, including Flashdance, the Beverly Hills Cop series and Top Gun. The company didn't use a logo until 1990 on Days of Thunder. It only produced two films under the Warner Bros. film distribution label, Kangaroo Jack, and Geostorm.

It goes under the name Jerry Bruckheimer Television, when the company produces television programs like Without a Trace, Skin, Cold Case, Chase, and Miami Medical.


Jerry Bruckheimer Films was established in 1989 as "Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films" and incorporated in California, prior to which films were released under the name of the parent company.

While working with Simpson, Bruckheimer became known as "Mr. Outside" because of his experience with film making, while Simpson became known as "Mr. Inside" because of his film industry contacts. The Rock was the last film in which Bruckheimer collaborated with Simpson, due to Simpson's death in 1996 from drug-related heart failure. Bruckheimer stipulated that The Rock be dedicated to the memory of Simpson (this fact is mentioned at the end of the film). Bruckheimer withdraws Simpson's name from the company name, shortening it to "Jerry Bruckheimer Films".

Despite the setback and the depression over the untimely death of his partner, Bruckheimer has continued to produce a large number of action films often working with director Michael Bay for several hits including Armageddon. His other hit films produced include Remember the Titans, Black Hawk Down and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

The first logo had two lightning bolts strike into the center and it was revealed in a box.

After Simpson passed away, the second and the iconic logo was introduced in 1997 where it has the camera speeding through a deserted road in a remote part of Oregon with thunderstorm clouds brewing above. As the camera reaches a leafless tree, lightning strikes it, forming leaves on the tree, and again, it is revealed in a box.


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