"It's Cartoon Gold" was the theme song for The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show in its last season on CBS, in 1984-85. It is notable as the first theme song for a Warner Bros. Animation show to include a "roll call" of the main characters.


It's cartoon gold
For young and old
It's The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show
Bugs is hot
But Coyote's not
And Road Runner's go-go-go

And they go
Boom mama-mama

There's Porky Pig ("Eh, th-the name's Porky Pig.")
And Daffy Duck ("You're dethpicable!")
There's Tweety Bird ("I tawt I taw a puddy tat!")
Bug Bunny's luck ("Eh, what's up, doc?")
And Elmer Fudd ("Be vewy vewy quiet...")
Sylvester the cat ("Thufferin' thuccotash!")
Speedy Gonzales ("Arriba, epah, yeeha!")
And Sam in the hat ("YA SNAGGLETOOTH VARMINT!")

And they go

The famous cartoon show's
The only way to go
It's The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show!

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