Inki and the Lion is a 1941 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.


This time around, Inki decides to hunt a lion. He ends up being hunted himself.

Jones' direction

Like the previous Inki cartoon preceding this (and other shorts Chuck Jones directed before this), the cartoon is still mostly done in a cute style, but its more aggressive tone and unconventional humor show that Jones was already moving out of his "cute" phase.


  • This is the first cartoon which Inki is given his name.
  • Due to this cartoon becoming a surprise hit with moviegoers at the time of its 1941 release, Jones then directed three more Inki cartoons before the character was retired for good in 1950.
  • The altered a.a.p. opening seen in the Cartoon Festivals VHS prints are sourced from this cartoon.
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