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House of Wax is a soundtrack including 2 versions: Music from the Motion Picture and Original Motion Picture Score.


House of Wax: Music from the Motion Picture is the title of a publicly released soundtrack used for House of Wax, consisting of commercially recorded songs. A second album, simply titled House of Wax, was released containing the film score, composed by John Ottman.

No. Title Performer Length
01. "Spitfire" The Prodigy featuring Juliette Lewis 5:08
02. "Helena" My Chemical Romance 3:52
03. Minerva Deftones 4:17
04. Gun in Hand Stutterfly 3:29
05. Prayer Disturbed 3:38
06. Path to Prevail Bloodsimple 3:17
07. Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World Marilyn Manson 4:15
08. Dirt The Stooges 7:00
09. Not That Social The Von Bondies 3:00
10. Cut Me Up Har Mar Superstar 3:10
11. New Dawn Fades Joy Division 4:46
12. Taking Me Alive Dark New Day 4:43

There is a song appearing in the film which is not integrated in the soundtrack. It is "Roland" by Interpol, and appears in the scene when the group decides to camp over the night at the beginning of the film. The song that plays during the end credits is "Helena" by My Chemical Romance.


No. Title Length
01. Opening / Tantrum - (with Deborah Lurie) 3:28
02. Ritual / Escape From Church 4:15
03. Story of the Town  1:39
04. Up In Flames 3:43
05. They Look So Real 2:16
06. Sealed Lips 3:56
07. Brotherly Love 2:28
08. Hanging With Baby Jane 3:36
09. Paris Gets It 3:07
10. Curiosity Kills 2:33
11. Bringing Down The House 5:08
12. Three Sons 2:28
13. Endless Service 3:45


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