Horuko Togokhan is a Korean-Japanese national in the 2008 live-action film Speed Racer. She is the daughter of Tetsua Togokhan, owner of Togokhan Motors and is the sister of Taejo Togokhan. She assist her father and brother in removing Royalton's hold on The Crucible by having Togokhan Industries' team, consisting of Speed Racer, Racer X and Taejo to emerge victorious, instead of Snake Oiler. She later discovers that her father and brother have arranged not to expose Royalton's corruption but to drive up their own stock from the victory. She then takes the team's Grand Prix invitation, which Taejo had previously declined, and hands it to Speed.


Role in the film



  • Horuko's name is Japanese, unlike her brother Taejo's, which is Korean. At a critical moment in the film, Taejo mentions that they 'have the same father' which may indicate that they have different mothers.

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