Helvetica is better known as "Hel" the movie and is played by Jolie Vanier. She is the main tritagonist, tomboy and anti-heroine of the film.



Helvetica is the leader of the gang of bullies that torment Toby. Her brother Cole is her right hand man in carrying out punishment to those she thinks deserve it.


  • Angry at her brother, Helvetica wishes for him to become a dung beetle.
  • She wishes that her father would listen to her, which makes his ears gigantic.
  • She uses the Wishing Rock to remove her arm casts, which also removes her braces for some reason.
  • She wishes herself a rocket powered bike.
  • When everyone battles for the wishing rock she ceases it and wishes to "disappear" (invisible)
  • She uses a wish to turn one of the adults into a giant wiener.
  • She wishes herself to be a giant wasp so that she can help defeat her father.

Role in the film



  • Helvetica has braces like Toby
  • It is highly possible that she actually is friends with Toby.
  • In the movie, there is a song sung with her name as the lyrics.
  • It is shown that she is very flexible as she was about to eat soup with a spoon,drink a cup of water and spread butter on her bread-roll with her feet when her arms in a cast.
  • She is the main tritagonist, anti-heroine and tomboy.

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