Helter Skelter is a 2004 television film directed by John Gray based on the murders of the Charles Manson Family.[1] The film was a remake of the 1976 Lorimar Television's two-part TV movie. Unlike the 1976 version, which focused mainly on the police investigation and the murder trial (as did the novel), this version focused mainly on Linda Kasabian's involvement with the Manson Family.



  • Jeremy Davies as Charles Manson
  • Clea DuVall as Linda Kasabian
  • Marguerite Moreau as Susan Atkins
  • Allison Smith as Patricia Krenwinkel
  • Frank Zieger as Steve Grogan
  • Eric Dane as Tex Watson
  • Bruno Kirby as Vincent Bugliosi
  • Mary Lynn Rajskub as Lynette Fromme
  • Catherine Wadkins as Leslie Van Houten
  • Michael Weston as Bobby Beausoleil
  • Hal Ozsan as Joey Dimarco
  • Whitney Dylan as Sharon Tate
  • Marek Probosz as Roman Polanski
  • David Ackert as Jerry Rubin
  • Danielle De Cerbo as Bernadine Dohrn
  • Rick Gomez as Milio
  • Robert Joy as Detective Morrisy
  • Graham Beckel as Jerry
  • Chris Ellis as Sgt. Whiteley
  • Isabella Hofmann as Rosemary LaBianca
  • Robert Costanzo as Leno LaBianca
  • Yvonne Delarosa as Catherine Share


  1. Stanley, Alessandra (May 14, 2004). "Manson Family's Summer of Death"..

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