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HIM is the secondary antagonist from the Cartoon Network and Warner Bros animated tv show, The Powerpuff Girls. He is a flamboyant demon that is the show interpretation of the Devil himself, He is the greatest enemy of the Powerpuff Girls.

in ''Speed Demon'', He conquered the rest of Earth when the Powerpuff Girls traveled to 50 years in the Future.


Not much is known about his past and there's a Very little is known about HIM's true motive but He enjoys the suffering of others and attemps to psychological tortures the Powerpuff Girls in an attempt to drive the Powerpuff Girls apart or make them scared.


HIM is bitter, evil, ruthless, mysterious, diabolical, domineering, sadistic and enjoy the pleasure of others suffering, Everyone he treats is no more than a plaything to him. HIM is powerful enough to destroy the world if he wants to as shown in ''Speed Demon'' but he prefers to entertain for himself such as playing mind games with the girls but always lose but that is always his downfall when he has a bad habit of underestimating the girls' willpower and overall resourcefulness as a unit.

Physical Appearance

HIM has a very androgynous appearance. He has large lobster-like claws, pointed ears, black widow's peak hair, lime green eyes, a hooked nose, and a long, curled beard. He has three long eyelashes on each eyelid, rosy pink cheeks, and black lips, very often in a wide smile. A lady's red jacket and skirt with pink tulle at the collar and hemline, a black leather belt with a bronze buckle, and black, thigh-high, spike-heeled boots complete his look.

in his true form, he is a giant muscular red-skinned demon with yellowish-green glowing eyes, pointed ears, and sharp jagged teeth. His torso was bare, revealing a toned chest and well-defined abdominal muscles. His lobster-like claws became enormous and turned shining black. He sported black thighs, high spiked boots with a scale pattern and a pink garment made of fur.


  • HIM is Craig McCracken favorite villain in the series.
  • He was also originally refered as "The Devil". It is likely that this had to be changed for censorship reasons.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist of the series, HIM is more dangerous and cunning than Mojo Jojo.