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Once a dork... always a dork.
―Grace Conrad

Grace Conrad is one of the five main protagonists in the 2006 Christmas film Unaccompanied Minors. She is a teenage girl who goes to boarding school 20 minutes away from the Hoover International Airport, and whose parents don’t really enjoy her company, and travel all the time while leaving her with her nanny.

She also used to be a dork, wearing glasses most of the time. But, she keeps that a secret from her friends.


Like Donna, Grace initially comes across as a snide, antagonistic, and short-tempered teenager, but her character changes throughout the film.

Physical Appearance

Role in the film

When Grace first appears, she and her friends make a bet that a man dressed as Santa Claus is really a hot guy, and she proves that she's right.

While Spencer and his sister, Katherine, are in the unaccompanied minors room, Charlie Goldfinch asks them why they’re flying solo, during which he directs their attention to Grace and her friends. Going up to them, Spencer boasts about he plays Texas-Hold’Em, and Katherine tells them embarrassing things about him. Spencer sneaking out of the room leads to Grace, Donna, Beef, and Charlie sneaking out as well; Spencer goes to get airport food, Charlie checks out an electronics store, Donna takes an airport cart for a joyride, and Beef enjoys himself in the emergency equipment room, Grace, on the other hand, turns the High-Flyers’ Club into her pleasure center, enjoying some of the food and getting herself pampered. However, as she’s getting a hot stone massage, the manager of the High-Flyers’ Club and two guards confront Grace, wanting to know if she’s alone.

Leaving the club, Grace notices guards everywhere and tries to sneak past them by treating a passing German family as her own, which works until Spencer and Donna show up, forcing Grace to hitch a ride, picking up Charlie as well, with Beef inexplicably appearing as well.





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