Goose is an American white pelican and a supporting character from the 2005 film Racing Stripes. He is voiced by Joe Pantoliano.


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Goose states that he moved to Nolan Walsh's farm in order to escape several other birds who have placed a hit on him for some unknown reason, and that he was a "hit bird". It is presumably his experiences that render him afraid of loud noises. After an argument with Tucker, Goose decides to show him and Franny his defecting abilities. Mistaking Nolan's weather vane for a real rooster, he aims his feces at it, but instead defecates on Reggie and crashes into the barn door.

Goose helps Stripes follow his dream by destroying Channing's motorcycle and puncturing the tire of Nolan's truck so she can ride Stripes to work.

When Sandy is captured by Sir Trenton, Goose revives an unconsious Stripes by pouring water on him. He later tries to defecate on Sir Trenton, but misses and instead crashes into a wall, causing a bucket to fall on his head and at Sir Trenton's mercy. Before Trenton can finish Goose off, Buzz and Scuzz distract the racer and Tucker and Franny free Sandy. Then they follow Stripes to the race.

In the end, after Stripes wins the race, Tucker finally gives Goose his approval and asks him if he can stay on Walsh Farm. Goose agrees but adds that there's something he has to take care of first. Goose then defecates on the mean boss of the derby Miss Dalrymple for demanding Stripes to be disqualified. Finally he poses for the winning picture with Stripes and all the other animals.




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