Gimbel's Santa is a minor antagonist in Elf. He is portrayed by Artie Lange.



The Gimbel's Santa appears to be cheerful to the children, but when confronted by Buddy, he is actually dismissive, rude and when things are taken too far between him and Buddy, the mall Santa becomes really violent and attempts to attack Buddy until he has to be restrained by the manager.

Physical appearance

The Gimbel's Santa is a plump man with short brown hair and stubble beard, and blue eyes. He wears a fake white beard, red hat and Santa Claus outfit.

Role in the film

The Gimbel's Santa enters the store to greet the children in Santa Land - unbeknownst to him, Buddy mistakes him for the real Santa. As the store Santa meets the children, Buddy greets him as well, but is suddenly appalled when he discovers that the store Santa isn't the real Santa that he knows. As the store Santa is asking a young boy Paul for what he wants for Christmas, Buddy questions the store Santa, causing the two to quietly and briefly bicker at each other. After the store Santa finished asking Paul, Buddy senses that he smells like beef and cheese, not the real Santa, resulting him to pull off the beard from the fake Santa, exposing him. This causes the enraged actor to fight Buddy, that wrecks most of the decorations, which attracts the attention of the manager who jumps in to pin down the fake Santa to stop him from harming Buddy. The conflict resulted Buddy to be imprisoned and banned from the store, whilst the actor is presumably got sent away and was replaced by the manager himself to take the role as the store Santa.



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