GOOD-BYE SUMMER! HELLO SCHOOL! was an article published in the Smallville Torch, written by Dave Sadler.


Once again the leaves are falling off the trees, freshmen are getting their first locker combinations and the boys bathroom reeks of wet paint. That's right, friends. Summer's over, and it's back to good ol' Smallville High. How did you spend your summer? Did you go skinny dipping in Crater Lake? Did you save up for the Josh Kelley concert at the County Fair? Or did you idle your summer days away in the corner of your basement trying to write the great American novel (like some of us more indoor-inclined folks)?

SHS's own yearbook club took home top honors at the annual interscholastic design competition, with junior Julie Kopp garnering runner-up for her full-page varsity swim team layout. Take a look at some of Julie's earlier work here.

Swim team member Jake Pollen brought back three regional first place awards from the Kansas Summer Aquatics Games, winning the 100-meter freestyle, 50-meter butterfly and 200-meter backstroke. Pollen's extraordinary ability to come up for air half as many times as his competitors inspired awe from the fans in attendance.

SHS also scored big in July's Metropolis Festival of the Arts, where the senior girls choir was awarded third place for their rendition of "Home on the Range"--our beloved Kansas state song.

Also at the festival, the SHS drama club, led by graduating thespian Blake Silver, won several prizes for competitive acting and performance art. "We're like a champion football team," said Silver, a first place winner for performing his original monologue, "A Goat is a Goat." Silver added, "Only we play on a stage."

Other notable happenings this summer included a trip to band camp for the wind and jazz ensemble. The annual 7-day excursion sponsored by the school music department keeps our prized student musicians in tune, while still providing them a fun, outdoor environment. I hope they didn't forget the bug juice.

With all of this activity, maybe some Smallville High students are looking forward to the start of the new school year so they can rest. And then again...maybe not!

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