Fox-Terror is a 1957 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert McKimson.


The title is a play on "fox terrier," a breed of dog.


A fox scampers away from the henhouse when a young rooster rings the alarm bell. Barnyard Dawg arrives, but sees no fox, so he thinks the rooster just rang the bell because he wanted a drink of water.

When he sees Foghorn Leghorn leave to go fishing, the fox disguises himself and suggests that he go hunting instead, and bring the dog with him. Foggy likes this idea, so he grabs a shotgun and ties a rope around Dawg's neck and drags him away. The fox heads for the henhouse, but the young rooster rings the alarm again. Dawg runs back, dragging Foghorn behind him, but again the fox scampers away. Dawg only sees the rooster ringing the bell and presumes he's just thirsty again.

The fox then pretends to be a quiz show host and urges Foghorn to press a buzzer. However, the button is wired to a firecracker in Dawg's mouth. When it blows, the dog retaliates and presses the button again to detonate a cracker in the bird's beak. Meanwhile, the fox returns to the henhouse. The young rooster pulls the alarm and the fox flees. Dawg arrives and, seeing no fox, dumps a whole bucket of water on the little rooster.

The fox unpacks a "Magic Folding Box" and lures Dawg into it with a bone. When the dog is inside, the fox folds the box into a tiny package, then disguises himself as a swami and sells it as a "lucky charm" to Foghorn, who is on his way to go fishing again. Foghorn throws it over his shoulder for luck and it lands in the well. Dawg emerges battered and bruised and he folds Foghorn into a tiny package and throws him into the well.

The young rooster pull the alarm again. Had enough, Dawg plans to hit him with a mallet. But the young rooster beat him to it as he hits Dawg in the head as payback for dumping water on him earlier and for not listening to his warnings.

Dawg and Foghorn realize the fox has been tricking them with disguises so they give him a taste of his own medicine.


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The now-defunct WB channel edited out the scene when Foghorn and the barnyard dog spinning and shooting their respective duel guns at the fox.[1]




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