The third season of Final Space, an American animated television series.

The season is currently in post-production, little has been said about the plot itself, but there will be 13 episodes in total, just like Season 2, and it is set to premiere on March 20, 2021 on Adult Swim. It will later get premiered on TBS on March 27, 2021, as well as HBO MAX and Netflix, outside in the United States.



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Season 2: "The Torra Regata" • "The Happy Place" • "The Grand Surrender" • "The Other Side" • "The Notorious Mrs. Goodspeed" • "Arachnitects" • "The First Times They Met" • "The Remembered" • "The Closer You Get" • "The Lost Spy" • "The Set Up" • "Descent Into Darkness • "The Sixth Key"
Season 3: "...And Into The Fire" • "The Hidden Light" • "The Ventrexian" • "One of Us" • "All The Moments Lost" • "Change is Gonna Come" • "The Chamber of Doubt"

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