Family Matters is an American sitcom created by William Bickley and Michael Warren for ABC and CBS. This show has a spin-off series of Perfect Strangers, the series revolves around the Winslow family, a middle-class African American family living in Chicago, Illinois. It aired from September 22, 1989 to July 17, 1998, broadcasting eight seasons and 215 episodes.

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The series originally focused on the character of police officer Carl Winslow and his family: wife Harriette, son Eddie, elder daughter Laura and, younger daughter Judy (who appeared until the character was written out in season four). In the pilot episode, "The Mama Who Came to Dinner," the family had also opened their home to Carl's street-wise mother, Estelle (Rosetta LeNoire), usually known as "Mother Winslow." Prior to the start of the series, Harriette's sister, Rachel Crawford and her infant son, Richie, had moved into the Winslow household after the death of Rachel's husband. The Winslows' nerdy teenage next-door neighbor, Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White), was introduced midway through the first season in the episode "Laura's First Date" and quickly became the focus of the show. As the show progressed, episodes began to center increasingly on Steve Urkel and, other original characters also played by White, including Steve's suave alter-ego, Stefan Urquelle, and his female cousin, Myrtle Urkel.



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Warner Home Video has released the first four seasons of Family Matters on DVD in Region 1 while the remaining five seasons were released by the Warner Archive Collection. On February 4, 2014, Warner Home Video released season 4 on DVD, but consumers complained when it was found that the season 4 set contained syndication edits rather than the original broadcast masters. Warner Bros. responded to the complaints, offered a replacement program to receive corrected discs and reissuing the set with corrected broadcast copies on April 4. All episodes are the original broadcast form, except for the episode "Number One With a Bullet", disc 1, episode 6. The entire series is also available for digital download on and the iTunes Store, all but season 6 remastered in both SD and HD.

DVD Name Ep # Release Date
The Complete 1st Season 22 June 8, 2010
The Complete 2nd Season 25 February 14, 2012
The Complete 3rd Season 25 February 12, 2013
The Complete 4th Season 24 February 4, 2014
The Complete 5th Season 24 February 16, 2016
The Complete 6th Season 25 April 12, 2016
The Complete 7th Season 24 July 26, 2016
The Complete 8th Season 24 September 20, 2016
The Complete 9th Season 22 November 8, 2016

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