FELLOW STUDENT STILL MISSING, was an article published in the Smallville Torch, written by Jake Black, about the disappearance of Clark Kent.


Clark Kent, a junior, has been missing for the entire summer. Kent was last seen by Matthias Chatterley, a farmer on the outskirts of town, riding a motorcycle and clad in black biker leather. Chatterley stated that it appeared that the boy was headed to Metropolis, but since that time months ago, there has been no sign of him.

There was early optimism the afternoon Kent went missing that he would be found quickly. The  reported that a boy matching Kent's description was involved in a brawl at the Blue Rose Biker Bar. Smallville Sheriff Nancy Adams says that since no one pressed charges, the Grandville authorities did not pursue the case, and the suspect hasn't been seen in that city since.

"They can't say for sure it was him. Of course we want young Mr. Kent to come home safely, but, well, I've always thought there was something fishy going on with him to begin with," stated Adams.

Lana Lang, Clark's girlfriend, refuses to give up hope. "He's out there. I know it. Please be safe, Clark!" she said with tears welling up in her eyes. Lang has had some emotional support from Clark's best friend, Pete Ross. The two spent the summer searching for Clark. Ross asserted, "My guess is my boy's in Metropolis trying to figure his stuff out. He'll be home soon. No one has to worry about Clark's safety; the dude can take care of himself better than anyone. Trust me."

Ross and Lang have spent many hours this summer helping out Clark's parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent. "Pete and Lana have been great. It really means a lot to us how much Clark's friends love and care for him. I just hope we get him home soon," commented a shaky but brave Martha Kent.

The Kents have had an extremely traumatic summer, beginning with a large explosion on their farm in May. The blast caused their truck to careen off the road. And now the Kent farm is in foreclosure.

"Yes, we've had a hard summer," said Jonathan Kent. "But we will get through this. Clark, we may have our flaws, but your family--your whole family--loves you. No matter what happens. Come home, son."

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