F'Nale Zandor is one of the two secondary antagonists of Ready: Player One (along with I-R0k). She is the leader of the Sixers. While she was in IOI she works with Nolan Sorrento and took Samantha Evelyn Cook with her Sixers.


F'Nale Zandor is an evil woman who works for Nolan Sorrento. Nolan is the CEO of the villainous Innovative Online Industries (IOI) corporation, and F'Nale's willingness to keep secrets has allowed her to climb the ranks at IOI very quickly.

She is the head of her own division, and is in command of the company's Sixers army. But F'Nale doesn't just command, she is more than capable of getting physical herself.

She is eventually defeated and brought down, along with the whole of IOI, and is last seen being arrested along with her boss Nolan.


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