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This is a list of episodes from the Duck Dodgers. Each season contains 13 episodes. A total of 39 episodes were produced spanning 3 seasons.

Season 1

# Title Airdate Summary
01 The Trial of Duck Dodgers / Big Bug Mamas August 23, 2003 Duck Dodgers is put on trial for misconduct./Dodgers gets kidnapped by a group of alien girls who are really planning to eat him.
02 Duck Deception / The Spy Who Didn't Love Me September 6, 2003 Dodgers and Cadet have to sneak on a Martian ship to restore power to their own ship, and try to avoid being caught by its occupants./ Dodgers has to escort a spy he's infatuated with to a planet invaded by the martians.
03 The Fowl Friend / The Fast & the Feathery August 30, 2003 Dodgers gets a robot assistant (a parody of The Iron Giant)./ Dodgers is pressured to enter a race against X-2.
04 Duck Codgers / Where's Baby Smarty Pants September 13, 2003 When Dodgers and Cadet are affected by a plant gas that causes rapid aging, they must bathe in a Martian spring guarded by X-2 to be turned back into their normal ages./Cadet must escort a baby to a peace treaty meeting while Dodgers distracts the treaty signers.
05 I'm Going To Get You Fat Sucka / Detained Duck September 20, 2003 Cadet must free Dodgers from a vampire trance./Criminal Drake Darkstar switches places with Dodgers, with whom he bears an uncanny resemblance.
06 K-9 Kaddy / Pig of Action September 27, 2003 K-9 gets involved in a series of trouble with a pair of four-armed gophers while X-2 plays golf./Cadet find a piece of glowing ore, which turns him into a hulking juggernaut during a stakeout on the Klunkins.
07 Shiver Me Dodgers October 4, 2003 On behalf of the Galactic Protectorate, Dodgers and Cadet must venture on a pirate spaceship as lazy sailors to retrieve an invisibility device from the leader of the pirates, Long John Silver the 23rd, who is using it for his purposes. However, things become complicated when X-2 arrives in disguise as well, intending to retrieve the device on behalf of Mars, which then forces all three to work together to avoid being caught by Silver.
08 The Wrath of Canasta / They Stole Dodgers' Brain October 11, 2003 The Martians steal Dodgers' brain and replace it in order to learn his secrets, but the replacement accidentally makes Dodgers smarter than he used to be./A bounty hunter tries to turn Dodgers in to the martians while disguising himself to fit in with the Vacationworld androids.
09 The Green Loontern October 18, 2003 Duck Dodgers accidentally gets his hands on a Green Lantern ring and suit.
10 Quarterback Quack / To Love A Duck October 25, 2003 X-2 tries to make Duck Dodgers a successful quarterback to prove to Tyr'ahnee that he was right about something./ Tyr'ahnee tries to marry Dodgers, but X-2 is determined to make sure it doesn't go through.
11 Hooray For Hollywood Planet November 4, 2003 Duck Dodgers goes to Hollywood planet so a film about him could be made, but doesn't realize what's really going on.
12 The Queen Is Wild / Back To The Academy November 11, 2003 Tyr'ahnee tries to cast revenge to Dodgers by kidnapping Cadet./Dodgers has to go back to Galactic Training Academy, and to make things worse, a drill sergeant is always watching him.
13 Enemy Yours / Duck Departure November 13, 2003 Dodgers must prove to X-2 that he's a worthwhile enemy./Dodgers quits his job at the Protectorate following a three-way battle to work in a restaurant, but no matter how hard he tries, he keeps being reminded of his former occuptation.

Season 2

# Title Airdate Summary
14 Pig Planet August 14, 2004 Cadet tells his niece and nephews a story about his past.
15 Invictus Interruptus / Pet Peeved August 14, 2004 Duck Dodgers and the Cadet take down a Martian super weapon./Dodgers adopts a pet that may be more than it seems.
16 The Menace of Maninsuit / K-9 Quarry August 14, 2004 Dodgers, Cadet, and Rikki Roundhouse must free a planet from a rogue Maninsuit./The Martian Commander channels Elmer Fudd and goes hunting on Mars, but doesn't know who's hunting who.
17 Talent Show A Go-Go / The Love of A Father August 14, 2004 Dodgers steals the voice of Tom Jones in order to win a talent show./Dodgers accidentally frees a criminal that looks like a little boy.
18 The New Cadet / The Love Duck August 14, 2004 A woman tries to seduce Dodgers, but he doesn't want her affection./Dodgers and Cadet try to earn money by setting up a loveboat, but things soon go awry.
19 The Fudd August 14, 2004 A powerful enemy known as "The Fudd", has taken control most of Earth and Mars and plans to destroy the sun, and Dodgers, Cadet, and X-2 have to work together to stop him.
20 The Mark of Xero / I See Duck People January 7, 2005 Dodgers invades a Spain-like planet to free innocent people who have been captured on it./Duck Dodgers' ship is haunted by a ghost, but no one will believe Dodgers.
21 Deathmatch Duck / Deconstructing Dodgers January 14, 2005 While on a living planet called Masativo, Dodgers tries to defeat Taz, who has set foot on the planet and is being a terrifying threat to its inhabitants./Whilst stranded at an Intergalactic Space Airport, I.Q. Hi, and the Queen of Mars reminisce of whether Dodgers isn't as dumb as he seems.
22 MMORPD / Old McDodgers January 21, 2005 Cadet shows Dodgers a digital role-playing game he plays often./Dodgers shows Cadet old-fashioned farming so that they can grow food.
23 Diva Delivery / Castle High January 28, 2005 Dodgers and Cadet must deliver a Diva to a festival, but run into problems while doing so./Dodgers tries to explain to I.Q what happened to his castle (a parody of Frankenstein).
24 Surf The Stars / Samurai Quack February 4, 2005 Dodgers is confronted by a large bully named Crusher who challenges him to a surfing contest./Dodgers eats a poison blowfish and is sucked into a dream world of Samurais (a parody of Samurai Jack).
25 Of Course You Know This Means War And Peace (Part 1) February 25, 2005 Dodgers accidentally causes an incident during a peace treaty between Earth and Mars and gets Cadet to take the fall. While in prison, the Cadet is angry at Dodgers and terminates their friendship. Meanwhile, one of the Martian Generals, Z-9, takes the opportunity to plot a military coup on Mars by betraying Queen Tyran'hee and holding her hostage, sending Star Johnson to prison after the latter learns about the plot, and forcing Commander X-2 on the run as a wanted criminal. Z-9 also plans to use Dodgers in order to get the shutdown codes of Earth's defense system to finalize his takeover of not only Earth, but also the rest of the Galactic Protectorate.
26 Of Course You Know This Means War And Peace (Part 2) February 25, 2005 Determining to set things right, Dodgers rescues X-2 from Z-9's forces and breaks Star Johnson and Cadet out of prison to help them rescue the Queen and stop Z-9 in his tracks, despite Cadet's cold attitude toward Dodgers after what he did to him. They manage to deliver the shutdown codes away from Z-9 and rescue the Queen during a battle between Z-9's forces and Earth's forces. After his defeat, Z-9 is then arrested, sacked of his ranks, and put to jail for his war crimes while Dodgers manages to have all charges against Cadet to be dropped by selflessly confessing his responsibility of the peace treaty incident. Touched, Cadet reconciles with Dodgers, who is later subjected to 500 hours of community service as punishment for his actions.

Season 3

# Title Airdate Summary
27 Till Doom Do Us Part March 11, 2005 Roboto returns for revenge as he assembles all of Dodgers' enemies together. Meanwhile, X-2 and the Queen prepare for a wedding.
28 Villainstruck / Just The Two of Us March 18, 2005 Dodgers must stop the Magnificent Rogue from turning the Earth into a water planet./The Cadet and Martian centurions take a vacation, while Dodgers and X-2 are stranded on a deserted island.
29 The Kids Are All Wrong / Win, Lose Or Duck April 8, 2005 Dodgers and Cadet must go undercover at a high school to find a device that turns teenagers into "emotionally unstable lunatics."/Teams from Earth and Mars are abducted to compete against each other on a dangerous game show.
30 Boar To Be Riled / Clean Bill of Health April 15, 2005 Dodgers attempts to get a free rocketcycle by starting a biker gang./I.Q. Hi creates a device that detoxifies Dodgers a little too well.
31 The Best of Captains, The Worst of Captains / That's Lifomatica April 22, 2005 Competition is fierce for Dodgers and Star Johnson, who both want to win the Captain of the Year award as well as the heart of a female Lieutenant./Dodgers gets a robot to make life easier, but things go awry when it takes over the ship.
32 Diamond Boogie / Corporate Pigfall September 16, 2005 Dodgers and Cadet travel to the ABBA-BeeGee quadrant to recover diamonds from the Martians./The Cadet leaves the Protectorate to head a successful corporation, which Dodgers tries to sabotage.
33 The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck September 23, 2005 Dodgers is turned into a cyborg and must stop the Martians from attaining cyborganic technology.

Note: This is a 22-minute episode.

34 Too Close For Combat / The Fins of War September 30, 2005 The Martians hire Hubie and Bert, who trick Dodgers and Cadet into thinking the other is out to kill them./Dodgers and Cadet are sent as ambassadors to the planet Aquarium.
35 Good Duck Hunting / Consumption Overruled October 7, 2005 A criminal gambling kingpin hires a gang of bounty hunters to kill Duck Dodgers, but his plan goes downhill when one of the bounty hunters quits and offers to help Dodgers./When Hungortus the Eater of Worlds heads toward the solar system for his next meal, Dodgers and the Martians hire lawyers to convince him of which planet to eat: Earth or Mars.
36 A Lame Duck Mind October 14, 2005 The President of Space locks himself in his closet, and the codes to open it must be retrieved from deep inside Dodgers' brain. This is a 22-minute episode.
37 Master & Disaster / All In The Crime Family October 21, 2005 Dodgers and the Cadet learn kung-fu in order to stop a master thief./The Serpenti gang steals the greatest gum in the galaxy, and Dodgers must get it back.
38 In Space, No One Can Hear You Rock / Ridealong Calamity November 4, 2005 Earth resurrects the band Megadeth to prevent a Martian superweapon from replacing the planet's music with easy-listening jazz./I.Q. Hi tags along on a mission and Dodgers plots with the Martians to make him return to Earth.
39 Bonafide Heroes November 11, 2005 Dodgers is the subject of a reality television show called "Bonafide Heroes," which is documenting his life as a captain. Dodgers decides to fake the capture of the criminal Camoman for the cameras. Meanwhile, the camera crew interviews various enemies and friends about Dodgers in-between.

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