Drella Diabolique is a late night movie hostess and one of the supporting characters from Lego Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood. She is voiced by Cassandra Peterson.


Drella has a long, flowing black hairpiece. Her head is pale, and is printed with a fanged mouth, dark-red lipstick, pink cheeks, a black mole on her left cheek, emerald green eyeshadow, and eyes with long eyelashes. She has a dark purple dress piece with a dark pink sash with a gold belt buckle on it, a necklace with a bat symbol on it, a black and purple cape, and she has pale hands.

Role in the film

Drella was first seen entering the Brickton Studios' screening room, holding up her cape and giving out a hiss, after owner, Chet Brickton, talked to Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, and Velma Dinkley about how Boris Carnac passed away. Shaggy mentions that Drella plays all horror movies and has millions of fans. When Brickton asked her about the curse rumors, she replied, "The curse is no joke". She then told the Mystery Gang that when Boris Carnac passed away, his spirit returned to haunt the studio as his most famous creations forever. When Brickton rebuked that there's no such thing as a curse, she asked him to explain about the other monsters. After telling Brickton to watch himself, Drella leaves the screening room, holding up her cape again, as she laughs.

She was later seen at the movie backstage after Mr. Brickton chose her to be the female lead for the movie. When Drella needs a new look at the makeup department, Scooby lets her try all the hairstyles until she chose the very same one that she had. She and Shaggy were already filmed on set with many takes by Scooby. Their filming was then interrupted when she and the gang heard and saw the mummy attacking the movie set. Drella then leaves the movie backstage with Daphne.

She and Daphne then hide in her very large dressing room. She instructed to Daphne in lesson #1 of being a star: To always look good in the crisis. When she asked Daphne what was she doing, Daphne tells her that she wrote her lesson down. Drella then gives Daphne some acting lesson tips, such as walking with a bunch of books and an apple on her head, walking downstairs with an umbrella, scaring in a spooky forest stage, and doing a spin dance. When Daphne failed to do so, Drella convinces her that in her book, that makes her a natural, and that she will give her a makeover that would be as glamorous as her.

She was seen again at the spooky forest stage. When she asked Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy what just happened, they told her that the Headless Horseman attacked, the Zombie showed up from nowhere, and Fred's masterpiece was totally destroyed, much to her shock.

She was seen again at the office, where she sees Mr. Brickton sign the studio to Atticus Fink (a developer), much to the sadness of Junior (the studio's employee). Just then, outside of the office building, Fred came up with a plan to use traps to capture the monsters.

She was later seen again at the top of the mansion when the zombie corners her. She then warns the zombie that if anything happens to her, she'll come back and haunt him forever, to which she is totally not kidding. She then accidentally fell off the top of the mansion, much to the zombie's shock. Fortunately, Daphne (dressed as Drella) scares the zombie off the mansion and landed on a big cushion. Luckily, Drella survived as well, and she thanks Daphne for everything she taught her.

Drella was seen again at the studio. When the headless horseman was revealed to be Atticus Fink and the zombie was revealed to be Junior, Junior blamed her for being the lead in every romantic comedy. She convinces Junior that she loves horror movies so much more than anyone. Just then, she discovered a picture of Boris Carnac in a room with security cameras, and that, Junior tells them that he is actually "Boris Carnac, Jr.", the son of Boris Carnac. When Shaggy and Scooby are watching a viral video of them being scared, Fred finally came up with an idea of cutting the security footage together into a foul footage horror movie, much to everyone's delight.

Drella was last seen arriving with Mr. Brickton at the movie theater and taking a selfie with Mr. Brickton, Junior and the Mystery gang.


Drella is cool, charismatic, scary, sarcastic, sometimes funny, and has a frightened reaction, even while holding up her cape.



  • Drella Diabolique is a parody of Elvira, also played by Cassandra Peterson.
  • Drella's appearance is very similar to both Vampyre's Bride from Monster Fighters and Spider Lady from Minifigures.
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