Drake's Lair is the home of Drake, the strong and arrogant penguin on the rookery. It is the secondary setting of Don Bluth's film The Pebble and the Penguin.


The tower of his lair is shaped just like Drake himself, it has the spiral staircase leading down to his lair. It was made from rock and mostly covered in snow.

Role in the film

Drake is seen from the top of his tower watching Hubie and Marine. He boasts to his henchmen that he'll marry Marina before throwing a snowball down from his tower.

Later on, Drake is seen in his downstairs lair with some vultures, revealing his plan to them, where they just stupidly laugh, causing Drake to scare them off.

In the later part of the second third of the film, Drake is seen on the giant balcony of his tower attempting to persuade Marina to marry him, before he breaks into his song.

In the last third of the film, Drake kidnaps Marry and takes her to his tower, forcefully tries to carry her down to his lair, until Hubie intervenes and attempts to defeat Drake, but is knocked out. As Drake takes Marina to his lair, Hubie regains consciousness and flies down the stairs and battles with Drake, ending with him punching the villain off the stairs to his presumed death. Until, Drake suddenly emerges from underneath the balcony floor, attempting to kill Hubie by throwing a large boulder at him, but the tower begins to collapse due to Drake breaking through. Hubie, Marina, and Rocko manage to survive and escape the destruction of the lair whilst Drake is crushed to death by one of the boulders from his tower.

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