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Drake is the main antagonist from Don Bluth's 1995 animated film The Pebble and the Penguin. He is voiced by Tim Curry.



Drake is an arrogant and vile penguin of the rookery in Antarctica, he desperately wants to marry Marina because of her beauty. Drake enjoys the habit of bullying Hubie at all costs, leading to him throwing Hubie off the ice to be eaten by a Leopard seal. Drake can be shown to be really aggressive and resentful to his own goons and vultures when they begin to laugh ridiculously. He can be really boastful about his own strength which he can really use to beat back enemies easily, until this leads to his demise from his own collapsing tower.

Physical appearance

Drake is a slender and tall penguin with muscular biceps and arms, and a large beak. He has a red cape attached to his shoulders with gold fasteners, and only wears black pants held up with a long blue cloth.

Role in the film

Drake is first seen on top of his tower, watching Marina and Hubie below. He brags to his goons that he will marry Marina and have children that will look just like him.

He is next seen watching Hubie run around in joy after finding a perfect pebble, Drake trips Hubie up and begins to harass him by calling him a loser and how no one will marry him, before demanding the pebble from him. When Hubie refuses, Drake promptly drops Hubie into the sea where a leopard seal chases him away from the rookery. Drake then tries to persuade Marina into marrying him, but Marina turns him down, Drake then reminds her that she'll be banished if she doesn't find a mate soon before the full-moon ceremony.

He is next seen again, once again persuading Marina to marry him, but she refuses, Drake laughs it off, and by singing, he explains to her that she will be fed to sharks if she doesn't marry him.

In the climax, Drake kidnaps Marina and forcefully carries her to his lair, but Hubie arrives back in time and intervenes, attempting to beat Drake. But the strong penguin knocks him out, before he carries Marina back to his lair. Hubie regains consciousness and begins to fight with Drake, ending with Hubie triumphantly knocking him off the staircase to his presumed death.

Just as Hubie and Rocko reunite, Drake somehow manages to survive the fall and reemerges from a part of his tower, attempting to crush Hubie, Marina and Rocko with a boulder, but this causes his tower to suddenly collapse, one of the boulders falls on Drake, crushing him to his death. Fortunately, Hubie, Marina, and Rocko survive the destruction of the tower and land to safety.

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