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Are you sure this is Dragon Country? Shouldn't there be a sign or something? Hey, it could say "Welcome to Dragon Country!"
―Kayley explaining to Garrett when she first enters Dragon Country.

Dragon Country is were Devon and Cornwall live with a fire breathing black dragons. It was next to the valley of thorns behind the side of the woods and the other side of the forest.


Dragon Country has several layers and clouds of greenish-yellow sickly fog, geysers cracks, dead trees, and dragon skeletons outside the gorge. Inside the brown-orange gorge are brown eggs that are filled with green slime, giant pieces of eggshells and small pieces lying around, bones, skeletons or carcasses of dragons are seen lying around, pits of bubbling lava, green steaming geysers, an acid lake with its waterfall and floating white eggs, and giant wormhole pit-tunnels leading to a underground hiding cave with pits of bubbling lava and an exit which leads to the outside of Dragon Country.

Role in the film

As Ayden leads Kayley and Garret into Dragon Country to search for Excalibur. But whilst hiding from some dragons flying overhead, the pair meet a conjoined twin dragon, the sophisticated and intelligent Devon, and the crude but loyal Cornwall who are bullied by the other dragons due to their smaller size and their inability to spit fire or fly. The heroes including Devon and Cornwall manage to escape a dragon attack by crossing the acid lake on floating eggs and hiding behind a wall, but Ruber and his henchmen had caught up with them on the other side. The heroes hide in an underground tunnel as Ruber ends up dealing with a dragon but punching it in the face, killing it. Whilst hiding, Devon and Cornwall then bicker over each other of how they want to be separated in their own ways by singing If I Didn't Have You. After they finished singing they went outside of the tunnel and out of Dragon Country, Devon and Cornwall then are able to join the group to find Excalibur.

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