Dorothy Gale is the protagonist of the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. She was portrayed by the late Judy Garland.




She is known as kind, brave, determined, imaginative, forgiving, musical and curious and very beautiful on the inside and outside. she is also sweet, dreamy, honest, loving and curious and smart and protective of Toto.

Physical appearance

Dorothy Gale is a slender and a very attractive and pretty young girl with fair skin, long flowing dark brown hair and blue eyes. She keeps her hair in two braided pigtails with light blue ribbons, until her hair was now in a bob and now only has a light blue bow on top of her head after a makeover at Emerald City.

Her signature outfit is she wears a light blue pinafore gingham dress over a white shirt with short puffy sleeves and light blue lacing. Underneath her dress is a white petticoat and panties, light blue ankle socks, and black lace-up shoes, until she wears the Ruby Slippers on her feet whilst on the journey to the Emerald City.


Animated productions

Live-action productions


  • There is no place like home.


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