Richard "Dick" Hallorann is the head chef at the Overlook Hotel and a supporting character in Stephen King's 1977 novel The Shining, and it's 1980 film adaptation



Role in the film

Dick Hallorann first appears as the Torrances are touring the hotel. He then talks with Danny and Wendy in the kitchen, and tells Danny about the hotel's history, and that he shares Danny's psychic ability, which he calls "shining", and warns Danny not to go in to Room 237.

Later on, while relaxing in Florida, Dick senses trouble at the hotel as Jack goes to investigate Room 237 after Danny went in there, and calls the Forest service to check on the Torrances. He calls them again a little later after Jack unplugs the radio. He then senses something is wrong, and flies back to Denver.

At Stapleton Airport, Dick calls Larry Durkin at Durkin’s garage, asking about the mountain road conditions, only to be told that they are blocked by snow. He then asks Larry to provide him with a snowcat.

Dick then drives to the garage in a rental car, from there, he uses the snowcat to get through the mountain roads. His arrival gets Jack’s attention, as he is attacking his wife Wendy and son Danny with an axe. As he cautiously walks through the lobby, Dick is ambushed by Jack, who strikes him in the heart with the axe, killing him. Dick’s scream in pain also causes Danny, who was hiding in a nearby cabinet, to scream. Wendy later discovers Dick’s body as she is going through the hotel looking for Danny.



  • Hallorann did not die in the novel, which the movie was based on.

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