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Dark Victory is a 1939 American drama film directed by Edmund Goulding, starring Bette Davis and featuring George BrentHumphrey BogartGeraldine FitzgeraldRonald ReaganHenry Travers, and Cora Witherspoon.


  • George Brent as Dr. Frederick Steele
  • Humphrey Bogart as Michael O'Leary
  • Geraldine Fitzgerald as Ann King
  • Ronald Reagan as Alec
  • Henry Travers as Dr. Parsons
  • Cora Witherspoon as Carrie
  • Dorothy Peterson as Miss Wainwright
  • Virginia Brissac as Martha
  • Charles Richman as Colonel Mantle
  • Herbert Rawlinson as Dr. Carter
  • Leonard Mudie as Dr. Driscoll
  • Fay Helm as Miss Dodd
  • Lottie Williams as Lucy

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