Danny Roman is the top police negotiator of the Chicago Police Department's east precinct and the main protagonist of the Warner Bros. 1998 film The Negotiator. He is framed by a unknown criminal and attempts to discover who framed him for the murder of his partner.

He is portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.



Danny Roman is a very skilled, courageous and quick-witted Police Negotiator of the Chicago Police Department's east precinct who always does his job in a very risky manner, especially when he is held usually at gunpoint. His usually works with his partner Nate Roenick on solving police cases.

Most of the time whenever he is getting stressed by his colleagues - who accused him for murdering his partner, Danny often utters blasphemy and profanity and so short-tempered.

Physical appearance

Danny Roman is a slender and tan skinned man with short black hair and brown eyes. He always sports a sweatshirt and pants in various colors.

Role in the film

He appears in the beginning of the film, attempting to talk a man who holds his own daughter hostage at gunpoint. Roman lures the criminal away as his daughter escapes. According to his plan, Roman has the armed man positioned at the window where the armed thug is shot and was arrested by Roman.

At the Police Chief Al Travis' 60th Birthday Party, Commander Grant Frost congratulates him for taking down the criminal. Roman's partner and Best Friend Nate Roenick tells him about how several of their fellow officers have been embezzling money from the department's disability fund. He also says that inspector Terence Niebuam of Internal Affairs is somehow involved. Roman's wife Karen wants him to promise that he must not do anymore crazy things. Danny leaves his house for an another meeting with his partner. By the time he got here, he found his partner shot dead by someone and the police cars turn up, immediately putting Roman on the hot spot of the crime. At the police department, Roman unsuccessfully to convince his colleagues that he was innocent and found Roenick's corpse when he got here, but they refuse to believe him.

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