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Daito (義昭敏郎 Yoshiaki Toshiro?, Toshiro Yoshiaki) is one of the overarching protagonist and Japanese gunter of Akihide Karatsu who attempts to win Halliday's Easter Egg Hunt



Although reserved and cold initially, Toshiro befriends Parzival. He was a brother figure to Shoto, although the two of them had never met in person, they embarked upon the Hunt together and completed various elements of the Hunt in unison until Daito's demise, both in the OASIS and in real life, at the hands of IOI.

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  • Toshiro's OASIS name, Daito, is complemented by Shoto's name to form Daisho, the Japanese term for long and short swords worn by traditional samurai. Toshiro is the user of the Stand "Wonderful Rush", however the only person in the Oasis who can see this Stand is Yoshikage Kira.

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