Cry Wolf is a 1947 mystery film directed by Peter Godfrey and featuring Errol Flynn and Barbara Stanwyck, based on the novel of the same name by Marjorie Carleton.[3]


Sandra Marshall (Barbara Stanwyck), the widow of the owner of a remote mansion, arrives to take charge and claim the inheritance of her late husband. She receives a cold reception, especially from research scientist Mark Caldwell (Errol Flynn), who seems to be keeping her sister-in-law Julie (Geraldine Brooks) a virtual prisoner in the house.



The novel was published in early 1945. The New York Times said "the plot has pace; the manse is traditionally eerie, the heroine is charming. Situations and dialogue, however, are often clumsily handled."[4] By April, Warner Bros bought the film rights as a vehicle for Barbara Stanwyck.[5] Catherine Turney was assigned to do the script and Dennis Morgan announced as co star.[6]

The film took a while to be made. In March 1946, Errol Flynn was announced as co star and Peter Godfrey as director.[7] Dorothy Malone was originally announced to play the second lead.[8] Two of the supporting cast were from the New York stage, Geraldine Brooks and Richard Basehart, and had just been put under contract by Warner Bros.[9][10]

Filming took place in August 1946.[11]


The film was not released until July 1947.


The Wall Street Journal said the film was "often as dull as it is frightening because its melodramatic story is full of cliches... without tommy gun or sword, Mr Flynn seems unhappily wooden."[12] The Christian Science Monitor said it "grips the attention and holds it right through...the result is something well above average."[13] "It's melodramatic antics are rather fun," said the Washington Post.[14]

The Los Angeles Times called the film "murky" and "fairly opaque" although it felt audiences "are likely to be impressed by the performance of Flynn."[15]

Box Office

The film was moderately successful at the box office, Variety estimating its rentals in the US and Canada at $2 million.[2]




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