Cole is the older brother of Helvetica and the son of Mr. Black, the president of Black Box Inc. He is played by Devon Gearhart.



Cole is the school bully and his younger sister, Helvetica's, main ally at the school. He and his friends stuff any kid she points out into trashcans and lockers. He is known to be the captain of the Black Falls football team, including his "gang" of friends. Cole will do anything he possibly can for his sister, Helvetica. Even without the help of Helvetica, he seems to make a habit on bullying Toe Thompson. He does not have much of an imagination. Cole is a follower to Hel, he is the true leader of his friends. Cole isn't one of the regular bullies that you see at your school. He's more of a bully that has something to back him up on, knowing that his dad is the president of Black Box Inc.


  • Cole has only made one wish in the movie. Unable to think of anything else, he makes a wish to turn himself into a giant dung beetle to help defeat his father.

Cole and Helvetica

Cole and Helvetica seem to have an "off" and "on" personality for each other. He will always be there for Helvetica when she wants to bully Toby. In one scene, Cole told Helvetica she looked stupid. Cole insults her, she insults him back. It's a regular brother-sister act.

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