Clara Stahlbaum, simply as Clara is a fictional character and a protagonist of the 1990's animated film The Nutcracker Prince. She is voiced by Megan Follows. In the 1993 live-action adaptation film, she is also called as Marie Stahlbaum, played as Jessica Lynn Cohen.




The 1990 version of Clara is optimistic and kind, and is very affectionate with The Nutcracker. Although she started out as childlike and independent, she later matures halfway through the film, leading up to the point where after her dance with the Nutcracker, she explains to him and the dolls that she wants to grow up and be a ballet dancer. Sometimes, Clara can also be upset, for example, when her sister Louise has a boyfriend in Erik (a romance she was jealous of), when Clara throws a hissy fit at one point with her little brother Fritz after he breaks the Nutcracker, and later when she finds the Nutcracker gone after returning home from the Land of the Dolls. A few times, Clara can be creered up afterward, especially by her godfather Uncle Drosselmeyer and at the end when the Nutcracker returns as a human.

While in the Land of the Dolls after the Nutcracker offers Clara to stay with him, Clara gets upset and sad, fearing that her family would miss her and that she might live on lemonade and candy instead of becoming a ballet dancer like she wants to, which triggers all the toys to become lifeless again, much to her worries. She also shows distrust and fear of the Mouse King, and becomes very protective in the first battle when she throws her slipper to stop him from hurting the Nutcracker.


Clara has fair skin, blue eyes, and red hair.


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