Chili Weather is a 1963 Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Sylvester and Speedy Gonzales.


Some Mexican mice see the Guadalajara Food Processing Plant and try to enter there, only to be chased out by Sylvester. The pussycat then yells "And stay out of here, you rodents!" and starts guarding. The hungry mice then call Speedy Gonzales to help them get food. Speedy gets some cheese, but when he goes back, Sylvester blocked his exit and starts chasing him. They end up on a conveyor belt, where Sylvester gets shaved by some chopping blades. Speedy spreads some grease on a platform, and Sylvester skids into a vat of Tabasco Sauce. He melts a block of ice to recover. On another conveyor belt, Sylvester gets a bottle cap pressed onto his head. He pries it off with a bottle opener, but Speedy "yee-ha's" him into the ceiling where it gets stuck again, and Speedy hides his bottle opener. Sylvester wanders off, trying to club Speedy but unable to because of his lack of sight, and his aimless wandering lands him in a dehydrator. He emerges from the dehydrator in a miniature size (finally able to remove the bottle cap), but then Speedy, who is now larger than the cat, greets him ("Hello, pussy cats, you looking for me?"), prompting the tiny Sylvester to run away in fright.


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  • The closing title card was a Looney Tunes card, though "Merrily We Roll Along" (Merrie Melodies) theme was still played on this card.
  • French dub is low-pitched.


  • On CBS, the part where Sylvester chases Speedy Gonzales through a conveyor belt with cleavers was edited to remove Speedy dodging the cleavers without moving and not getting hurt (but left in Sylvester getting his fur shaven off by the cleavers).[1]


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