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Channing Walsh is the young heroine from the movie Racing Stripes.

Role in the film

She is first seen when Nolan brings a zebra home. She then convinces her father to keep the zebra, bottle-feeds him, and names him Stripes. The next day, she ties a rope halter onto him. Later, she gets home from work on her motorcycle, giving Goose the idea to destroy it. The next day, after Goose has given the truck a flat tire, Chan rides Stripes to Turfway Park with Nolan's reluctant approval. She is then scolded by her boss, Clara Dalrymple, for bringing Stripes to the racetrack.

That night, when Chan is preparing to ride Stripes home from work, he deliberately walks her out on the racetrack. After her first ride on horseback with her mother, Chan completes a lap around the racetrack with Stripes. They are approached by Woodzie, a racetrack gambler and old friend of the family, who encourages Chan to sign her and Stripes up for a tryout race tomorrow. She does, despite Nolan's disapproval, but Stripes becomes scared by the horse-gate and then gets hit in the face by flying dirt while racing, causing Chan to fall off. Though she is uninjured, Nolan chastises her. After Clara signs Stripes up for the Kentucky Open, Nolan refuses to let her race with Stripes despite Chan's pleas.

Later, after the farm animals convince Nolan to begin training again, he builds a makeshift racetrack and has Chan and Stripes be trained there. Later, Nolan, Chan, and Woodzie take Stripes and Tucker to the Kentucky Open. Chan is Stripes' jockey during the Kentucky Open, and she and Stripes manage to win the race. After Stripes wins, Nolan praises Chan and tells her that her mother would have been so proud of her.


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  • Hayden Panettiere has stated that she was thrown off the zebra and placed in the hospital with a concussion, whiplash and two damaged vertebrae.

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