Cat's Paw is a 1959 Looney Tunes cartoon starring Sylvester and Sylvester Junior.


Sylvester is taking Junior up a mountain so he can earn his Bird Stalking merit badge. Sylvester asks why they need to climb so high, and Junior points to a huge buzzard nearby. Sylvester says they should stalk small birds instead. Junior sees a small bird in a nest above them. As Sylvester climbs higher, Junior's bird book identifies it as a very dangerous dwarf eagle.

When Sylvester reaches the nest, the bird's shrill squawk shocks him and he falls to the ledge below. Sylvester tries again, but the bird thrashes him, and tears off patches of fur. With Junior's encouragement, he tries again, and is pummeled again. He hits the bird with a boomerang, but when it returns he is thrashed yet again. He climbs up above the nest and drops a boulder on it, but the branch springs the boulder back up to smash Sylvester.

Through with birds, Sylvester tosses his stalking equipment and starts chasing butterflies instead. He catches one, but it thrashes him as easily as the dwarf eagle did. Junior puts a bag over his head in shame.


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