CRIME DROPS TO LOWEST POINT IN FIVE YEARS, was an article published in a special edition of the Daily Planet in 2006, to promote Superman Returns.


Just when the Mayor was readying a state of emergency, surprised statisticians show an eye-popping 75% drop in the city's crime rate in the past month. "The stock index is up and crime is down," the Mayor said when contacted for a statement. "It's like Spring has come early to Metropolis."

Though reports don't estimate the reason for the dramatic dip in crime, a source who wishes to remain anonymous said that the return of Superman has played a huge part in the unanticipated trend reversal. "He's not only stopping crimes before they happen," the source said, "he's making the criminals think twice before striking. I think we'll see even less crime as people get used to him being around again."

Superman, who mysteriously disappeared five years ago, marked his return in a big way by preventing a fiery accident involving the recent shuttle launch.

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