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Buzz and Scuzz are two horseflies and supporting characters in the film Racing Stripes.

They are voiced by Steve Harvey & David Spade respectively.


They are a pair of horsefly brothers who are good friends with Tucker. Though they bicker, they would be lost without each other. Buzz is larger and has blue eyes, while Scuzz is scrawnier and has red eyes. The brothers have a notable liking for music: Scuzz is a rap fan, while Buzz favors more conservative music. They also help Stripes follow his dream. They have a fart afterburner, which they use to catch up to the racehorses during the Kentucky Open.

Role in the film

They first appear near the racetrack singing songs. When they see Stripes, Buzz and Scuzz makes jokes about his face, which leads to Stripes saying that he has heard enough jokes. Later, when Stripes finds out his true hertiage, they try and fail to cheer him up by singing "Ebony and Ivory." After Goose tries and fails to defeat Sir Trenton, Buzz and Scuzz distract Trenton by luring him into his own stable, and locking him inside of it, allowing Tucker and Franny free Sandy. During the race, Ruffshodd tries to stop Stripes from winning until Scuzz makes him throw his rider off and deliberately gets him disqualified. Later, when Stripes begins to wear out, he tells Buzz and Scuzz to tell Tucker a message he had gotten from the latter. After Stripes wins, Buzz and Scuzz make numerous poses for the photos.


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