Bugs and Friends (PILA-3001, English title), is the second limited edition laserdisc boxed set collection.

Like the previous set, this one includes 30 cartoons on 3 disks (5 sides). The look of this set is very close to the first set (three cardboard sleeves in a white slipcase-style box w/B&W insert). The "obi" strip this time is green and lists the Japanese name for this collection ("Best of Warner Animation Vol.2"). Naturally, this set is bilingual in English and Japanese.

The inner sleeves feature unique artwork that was never used in the USA. Each side pairs Bugs with a different WB character.

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Unlike other laserdisc releases, this laserdisc set also includes a small selection of the lesser-known Depatie-Freleng era cartoons of the mid-1960s.

The compilations are unique to this collection.

Even though most of the cartoons in these collections consist of Bugs Bunny, other cartoons feature other Looney Tunes Characters.

The contents of this collection were new dubbed version prints created by Warner Bros. in 1997 with a "THIS VERSION (C) 1997 WARNER BROS." disclaimer on the original ending cards, much like the 5-tape Bugs & Friends VHS collection that was released in Europe.

Cover Title Shorts

Disc 1, Side 1:

Bugs and Daffy:
What's Up, Duck?

Disc 1, Side 2:

Bugs and Tweety:
Watch the Birdie

Disc 2, Side 1:

Bugs and Road Runner:
Runaway Rabbit

Disc 2, Side 2:

Bugs and Speedy:
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

Disc 3, Side 1:

Bugs and Marvin:
Martian Mayhem

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