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Bladebeak's wife is a minor character from the 1998 film Quest for Camelot.


Bladebeak's wife is really tough who gets really annoyed by her husband's flirting with the other chickens. However, when Ruber's minions have her hostage, she relies on Bladebeak to save her. She gets over her anger issues with Bladebeak attacks the minion who is about to attack an injured knight.

Physical Appearance

Bladebeak's wife is an obese light yellow chicken, with strong feathered arms and a red comb.

Role in the film

She is first seen when she catches the rooster, lying down on the job and flirting with the chickens. When the rooster tries to explain, she grabs him and drag him off.

She is next seen when the rooster flirts with the chickens again. She steps out of the chicken house, and slaps the rooster really hard, and sends him flying. Later on, She watches when Ruber merges the rooster with an axe (who later becomes Bladebeak), and one of his minions grabs her, and shoves her in a tight spaced cage.

She remains in the cage for the journey to Camelot in a wagon with Juliana who is held hostage by some of Ruber's minions. Bladebeak feels sorry for his wife during the journey. And later on, After Ruber has captured Kayley and grafted Excalibur to his hand, Bladebeak rescues Kayley and helps his wife out of the cage.

When the chicken and Juliana tend to an injured knight, Bladebeak prevents an ironman attacking them, by repeatedly rap his "beak" on the metal thug's neck, making his wife proud.

After Bladebeak is reverted back to his normal form, she dances with him during Kayley and Garrett's knighting ceremony.



Bladebeak can sometimes flirt with other chickens, which can enrage his wife to the point she abuses him for it. But when she is held hostage and at the mercy of the ironmen, Bladebeak defends his wife by attacking the ironmen.


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