William James "Bill" Murray (simply Bill Murray) is a minor character of 1996 live-action/animated film Space Jam. He is portrayed by himself.



Bill Murray is an very intelligent man, with good sense of skill for golf and basketball where Murray retired from the latter. He is shown to be good friends with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan.

Physical appearance

Bill Murray is an slender fair skinned man, with brown hair and blue eyes. He simply wears a polo shirt and trousers whilst golfing with Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Stanley Podolak. When he joins Tune Squad in the final round, he wears a red T-shirt underneath the Tune Squad jersey along with shorts and sneakers.

Role in the film

Bill Murray is seen golfing with his friends Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Stanley Podolak. After Murray and Bird had their turns, Michael Jordan manages to get a hole-in-one, not knowing it is actually Bugs Bunny using a magnet to move the ball to the hole in order to lure him over. Michael gets sucked in the hole, and Bird and Murray presumably leave as Stanley attempts to dig up the turf.

However, in the final round of the basketball match and with the Tune Squad losing and having Stanley out for injuries, Bill Murray unexpectedly turns up as a volunteer to be the team's fifth member and the Tune Squad wins the game; Murray tells Jordan that he is retiring from basketball.

He is last seen with Larry Bird watching Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls again.




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